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Just like 'extreme ironing' Rosey decided to put the Soft Cactus sewing tape through its paces. Used primarily for zip placement and leather garments, we upped the challenge level and tested it with sew-in boning. Come see how it performs!

Tencel Denim is soft, drapes beautifully and is surprisingly light-weight. Knowing in advance how these properties affect decisions in the garment construction process will help ensure a pleasurable sewing experience. 

This post uses the Palisade pants from Papercut Patterns as a test case to highlight the special properties of Tencel Denim, with tips for working with the fabric in the areas of; pattern testing, cutting, prepping (stablising), construction, and finishing. 

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What do you get when you mix double gauze, batting, flannel, gold spots, pattern mathematics genius and the Tamarack pattern...?
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