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We love ribbing and are proud of our ever growing range of colours!

Ribbing fabric is ideal for sewing cuffs, neckbands and waistbands on T-shirt, dresses and jumpers.

Create a professional looking garment with ribbing that perfectly colour matches your main fabric.

Our ribbing colours have therefore been carefully selected to complement our collection of cotton jersey and french terry fabrics. (Check out the bottom of the product pages to find suggested matches.)

As a result of this, the ribbing fabrics come in different qualities and sizes.

Most of our ribbings are made from a 95% cotton/ 5% elastane blend, with a tubular width of about 50cm.
The cotton ribbing from the Playtime collection (See You At Six) was designed to colour match their top quality french terry fabrics and are 110cm wide. These ribbings are also used for sewing underwear and singlets.
All these cuffing fabrics have a high-quality feel, with wonderful stretch and recovery.
Warm Red Ribbing $24.00 /metre
Ribbing - White $24.00 /metre
Ribbing - Mustard $24.00 /metre
Ribbing - Black $24.00 /metre
Ribbing - Steel Grey $24.00 /metre
Ribbing - Denim Blue $24.00 /metre
Ribbing - Petrol Blue $24.00 /metre
Ribbing - Maroon $24.00 /metre
Ribbing - Grass Green $24.00 /metre
Khaki Green Ribbing $24.00 /metre
Ribbing - Yellow $24.00 /metre
Ribbing - Paprika $24.00 /metre
Ribbing - New Navy $24.00 /metre
Ribbing - Dark Olive $24.00 /metre
Ribbing - Cherry Red $24.00 /metre
Ribbing - Arctic Blue $24.00 /metre
Ribbing - Off White $24.00 /metre
Ribbing - Eggplant $24.00 /metre
Ribbing - Eucalyptus $24.00 /metre