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Hey there!

Welcome to Maaidesign – your happy place for fabric and sewing patterns that are a bit, well, different (in the best way possible!).

It all started with Maaike's quest to dress her kiddos in clothes that didn't look like they rolled off a conveyor belt.

Frustrated but far from defeated, she whipped out her sewing machine, and oh, what fun that sparked!

Fast forward, and Maaidesign is now a cozy corner of the internet, run by a fabulous team, where sewists of all stripes come to find their next project's soulmate.

We're talking about fabrics that feel like a dream, patterns that make sewing a breeze, and a community vibe that feels like sewing with your besties.

Our mission? To get you as excited about your next sewing project as we get about curating our collection. We're all about:

  • Top-notch Quality: Only the good stuff, because your creations deserve the best.
  • Standout Uniqueness: Because why blend in when you were born to stand out? Our fabrics and patterns are as unique as you are.
  • Community Feels: At Maaidesign, it’s not just about fabric; it’s about friendships, inspiration, and that warm, fuzzy feeling of sharing your makes with people who get it.

Whether you’re stitching up a storm for the first time or you’ve got more sewing projects under your belt than you can count, we’ve got something to make your heart skip a beat (or do a happy dance).

So, dive into our world of colour, texture, and patterns. Let’s make your sewing space a little brighter, your fabric stash a little bolder, and the world a little more you. 

Happy sewing!

Maaike & The Maaidesign team

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