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Hello and welcome to MaaiDesign!

MaaiDesign - About me

My name is Maaike and I love sewing unique clothing with European fabrics.

Once upon a time, I went shopping to find some cool quality clothes for my kids.

I had visions of colour, prints and styles that were unique, fun and a joy to wear, but despite spending many days searching many stores, I came home empty handed every time.

Nothing I saw lived up to my expectations. Everywhere I looked I saw low-quality and uninspiring cookie-cutter garments.

So I decided to make the clothing I was looking for myself.

And after creating a few simple pieces for my little people, I was hooked.

Soon I was also making clothing for myself - and loving it. The freedom of creating exactly what I wanted was exhilarating and I couldn’t get enough of that finished garment satisfaction.

There was just one thing: cool clothes require cool fabrics and I found it extremely difficult to find the fabrics I wanted here in Australia. All those lovely fabrics were overseas and the postage costs were astronomical!

I knew that I couldn’t be alone in Australia, looking for these gorgeous fabrics. So I decided to bring them here for all passionate Australian sewers to enjoy.

But I wanted to offer more than just incredible Euro fabrics and designer patterns: I wanted to create a space where people could easily find stunning fabric combinations; where you could match piping to your project to really take it to the next level; where you could find the personal service to help you create something truly unique.

So this is MaaiDesign. My space for unique fabric and Euro clothing inspiration for you and your loved ones.

The place where you are inspired to create fun clothing and find everything you need to do so with exceptional, individual customer service.

Need some guidance to create your dream piece? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and I can answer any questions you may have and help you select the best fabrics to bring your dream to life.

And in case you were wondering:

"Maai" is pronounced just like "My"

MaaiDesign is, therefore, a reference to the joy of handmaking. 

Because whatever you sew, you can call it "My Design!"

Enjoy some well-earned fabric therapy here at MaaiDesign - let’s all share in the most wonderful of addictions!



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