11 Sewing Patterns for Good Earth Cotton® Sweater Knits

April 03, 2020
11 Sewing Patterns for Good Earth Cotton® Sweater Knits
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The cold snap has returned and winter is officially here in the southern hemisphere! To keep us warm our shelves are stocked with the 100% Australian made Good Earth Cotton® sweater knits. 

"Do they still make fabric in Australia?" you might be asking.

The answer is YES! The Good Earth Cotton® is grown in Moree, NSW and the fabric is knitted in Victoria. 

If you've not sewn with our Good Earth Cotton heavy sweater knits before, they're warmer and heavier than our regular Sweater Knits - which makes them perfect for hoodies, sweatshirts, jumpers, and knits that will keep you warm even in the frosts of Bright (it's 5 degrees currently)!

While it will keep you toasty warm, one characteristic of the material is that it doesn't have any stretch, as these fabrics are 100% cotton.

The absence of spandex or elastane means that to make the most of this warm knit fabric, thoughtful pattern matching is the key to success.

Steer clear of close fitting neck holes or body hugging patterns - sometimes you'll want to size up for a favourite pattern that's usually a little more snug. Check the final measurements, layer up and then put the tape measure around to evaluate your ease and pick the perfect size. 

To make it even easier for you to have a warm winter win, we've selected 11 outer layer patterns that will match perfectly with this Australian made fabric! 

Toaster Sweater // Sew House Seven

Even the name makes me feel warm (and think of hot drinks and wood fires)! The funnel neck is wider than the usual sweater, which means it should work well for the Good Earth Cotton. The secret to success here, is to find scrap of woven fabric and use a basting stitch to test the funnel size. If you can get it over your head easily then you know that size will work for your Good Earth Cotton. If you find it too tight, then keep testing a size or two up until you find the right fit and then trace that size neck onto your chosen body size pattern. Perfection!

Jarrah // Megan Nielsen

I've personally made this pattern with a chunky cotton knit - also no stretch - and it is my sweater of choice 4 days a week (the other days it's in the wash). The wider neckline and relaxed sizing make it an excellent match for this fabric. Actually, I think I could definitely do with another one this winter! Hmmm... what colour thread is currently on my machine... 

Amelia Bomber // Wardrobe By Me

It might sound like an unusual choice, but the main fabric of the Amelia Bomber is designed with no stretch. This makes it a perfect choice for the Good Earth Cotton, especially as we stock all the matching (or contrasting!) ribbing for the sporty accents! Choose the heavier ribbing (automatically suggested when you select Good Earth Cotton) which is best for the weight of the bomber jacket. My two other suggestions would be to use the knit interfacing which allows for more movement in the fabric than the woven, and using the 3mm double sided tape for zipper insertion. I swear that this little roll of sticky has completely eliminated my fear of zips in knits! 

Marlo Sweater // True Bias

The button up deep v-neck of this chunky sweater knit sends the best combination of effortless chic and toasty. For me its all about the feature buttons! The pattern suggests clear elastic tape as optional, but considering the whole weight of the garment is hanging off the shoulders, I'd suggest that it's a definite structural element that you want to include. It will hold the shape of the cardi long past the first few washes. So that's a 'yes' to the clear elastic tape

Arlo Track Jacket // Friday Pattern Company

Winter doesn't have to be monochrome - here's your chance for colour blocking! This pattern is designed to be an in between season layer, so check the final measurements, but my sewing intuition says you'll want to size up, especially if you're wearing more than one layer underneath. The zipper means that there won't be any 'over the head' issues with no stretch, but again, that 3mm double sided tape is the secret to your new zip super power!

Ziggy Zipper Hoodie // Wardrobe By Me

When it's super chill outside (or inside for me right now!!) the soft warmth of a hood coccooning my ears makes all the difference to how I interact with the world. Like comfort food, the perfect hoodie makes you feel safe and content. Pair your main fabric choice with our flat drawstring cord for a co-ordinated (or high contrast) look. Finish the cord with my favourite 'fold and stitch' flat technique, tie a knot and let it fray for a more casual approach, or go top notch with crimping your own metal aglet on the ends! (The standard size is for shoelaces so select a larger size.)

Sidney Sweatshirt // Merchant and Mills

This super simple pattern packs the sophisticated Merchant and Mills punch. It's designed for rigid fabrics (tick!) with coordinating ribbing (tick!). This is a pdf pattern which means that it's instantly available to feed your sewing mojo high, but if taping pieces of paper together is not your theraputic jam, then select the PDF + A0 print service and we will send you a printed copy that will save your knees! 

Alston Reversible Jacket // Sew to Grow

It might seem an unusual choice, but you're really looking at a fashionable way to wear a blanket in public! It's the perfect quick grab for the school pick-up, snuggling into watching tennis practice, or extra layer 'just in case' for a cafe brunch with friends. Leave it unlined for a lighter layer, or double up on the warmth with the lined version. (Just check the finished size for the sleeve if you're going to line it with the Good Earth Cotton as the extra thickness will mean you might want to size up to fit you and your layers comfortably.) Because this pattern is meant for very stable fabrics, I would recommend supporting the seam at the back of the neck, between the ragline shoulder seams, with some cotton herringbone ribbon (or in a pinch doubled over bias binding).

Esme Maxi Cardigan // Named Clothing

The pattern says to use 20-40% stretch fabrics, but with the oversized fit and button up front, I can't really see this as critical. At most those with broad upper backs (ex-rowers, gymnasts and general upperbody awesomeness) might want to consider a small adjustment for comfort that the stretch would normally incorporate. You're looking at all the same key features as the Marlo, just in a longer, straighter silhoutte - with pockets! 

Rib Sweater // The Modern Sewing Co. 

When the Rib Sweater came out I thought "retro with puff sleeves!" A little bit of daring-do and you'll look comfy but chic with the slightly elevated drama of those sleeves and extended collar. For the sweater knit patterns we suggest choosing the matching heavier ribbing (check that 'heavy' is in the title) to better match the weight of the fabrics. Stand out as a fashionista whilst keeping warm in this new take on a classic. 

Newcastle Cardigan // Thread Theory

Why should women have all the fun and warmth? Sew up a warm winter knit for yourself or your brother/partner/dad/best-friend and reap the rewards of watching them wear it all season! Yes we know the pattern specifies stretch fabric, but that's because it's a more fitted look. Check the finished garment sizes and size up one or two (for the extra ease) and you should be fine. And you know by now that the potential for colour blocking is a double yes from me! 


So get warm and get sewing! We can't wait to see what your new winter favourite will be!

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