Celebrating 60 years of Marimekko's iconic Unikko print

May 14, 2024
Celebrating 60 years of Marimekko's iconic Unikko print
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The iconic Unikko flower print of Marimekko turns 60 this year!

And at MaaiDesign we are celebrating the release of the anniversary collection and Marimekko Day (17 May) by surrounding ourselves with the bold print that inspires joy.


It was the early 2000s and the first time I saw it was in the window of a boutique shop on the main street of Camberwell. The bold red, black and slight pink hues of the abstract flower on a cushion locked my eyes and drew me in from the street. Bold. Bright. Graphic. Different. The Unikko print encompasses everything that is Marimekko's design philosophy.

Ironically the print that is arguably the show-pony for the brand was nearly a no-show. Founder of the company, Armi Ratia, had firm ideas about the impossibility of the emphemoral "true essence" of flowers translating to a fabric. And so the artisitc legend Maija Isola (powerhouse designer for Merimekko) deliberately created an abstract flower print that combined the 'idea' of botanicals without compromising Armi's artisitic direction. And so the Unikko design was born! 


 And when you have such a bold, iconic design, the possibilities are endless! The classic red, pink and black on neutral will always be in demand, but each year Marimekko breathes fresh new colours into the design as 'seasonal' prints. The colour paletts are show-stoppingly bold in their choices. Eye catching. Statement making. Timeless. This year's LIMITED EDITION Unikko Anniversary prints are no exception!


Here at MaaiDesign we love everything about Marimekko's philosophy. From their commitment to using only quality materials, their environmental footprint and innovations, to their concept design of simple garments that are made to move with you, and bold prints that inspire joy. Keep reading about their impressive credentials here!

Why not join us and make your own iconic Unikko outfit to join in the worldwide celebrations? 

Match any Marimekko fabric from our collection with any of these patterns and the balance and lines will truely make your print choice shine!

The Box Pleat Dress by TAL or V-neck shift dress by Maker's Atelier will see you seemlesly blend in with the Helsinki Runway (whilst standing out!) 

Play up the drama with some fantastic sleeves with the Edie Top & Dress by Merchant and Mills 


Or imagine yourself in a glorious statement of head to toe Unikko with the Hali Wrap Dress & Jumpsuit by Named Clothing! 


Don't forget to tag yourself with #unikko60years and #maaidesign and see your me-made connect with like-minded souls online!

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