Day 12: Creation by Maaike from MaaiDesign

September 21, 2016
Day 12: Creation by Maaike from MaaiDesign
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Hudson pants in rayon fabric - MaaiDesign blog

And so we have come to the end of our See You At Six blog tour!

It's been a lot of fun!  Every day started with the excitement of finally seeing what one of the bloggers had made with our new rayon fabrics. 

I hope you have enjoyed it too.

Today it is my turn, and I made another pair of Hudson pants!

Now I am all set for spring and summer. Well for pants that is! I still have lots of plans for tops, shorts, skirts... My sewing wishlist never gets any shorter, and I have a couple of kids I like to dress too. 

Hudson pants in rayon fabric - MaaiDesign blog

I used the same pattern pieces as my previous pair, but I added extra width from the knee down as I wanted a looser fit. I thought that would work better for this very drapey fabric, and it does.

I used the original Hudson pants pocket pieces here and added 1.5 inch of extra length to them as recommended by Kelli from True Bias(designer of the Hudson pants pattern)

Hudson pants in rayon fabric - MaaiDesign blog

I did not bother with a cord around the waist. It just has an elastic in it and I added two vertical stitch lines on each side to stop it from twisting.

I included elastic in the leg cuffs as well, but made the cuffs narrower. The waistband is about 5cm tall, while the cuffs are about 3.5cm. 

I am very happy with how they turned out. They are a dream to wear. Super soft and light.

The perfect pair of pants to keep the mozzies at bay on a hot summer night.

Hudson pants in rayon fabric - MaaiDesign blog

A special thank you to all the wonderful bloggers for taking part in the blog tour, and to everyone who has been following along. I hope it offered lots of inspiration for your summer sewing!

As part of the tour, I'm offering a 10% discount on the whole SeeYouAtSix collection until the 30th of September with this code: seeyouatsix.

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These look super comfy Maaike. The fabric is perfect for this style of pants. And I love this print :) it was a great tour! Thank you for having me :)


Seriously snazzy pants! Love them. :)

Lightning McStitch

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