10 Dresses To Sew This Summer

September 06, 2017
10 dresses to sew this summer
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sewing patterns for summer dresses

There is no shortage of sewing patterns for dresses, the abundance of choice can be a bit overwhelming.

So I thought I would share my 10 favourite sewing patterns to sew a fabulous dress this summer. Some I have already made, the others are on my to sew list. I've also included a few that are great for beginners.

What all these patterns have in common is that they were designed by independent designers. They turned their passion for sewing into creating unique sewing patterns so we all get to sew wonderful handmade clothes that fit.

All these designs got a lot of attention in the online sewing world.

And what makes these patterns even better is that they come with step-by-step detailed instructions. So you don't need to be a seasoned seamstress to attempt any of these! 

I've included fabric suggestions for each pattern. Enjoy!

1. Fringe Dress

Fringe dress pattern in Rayon fabric from Atelier Brunette

The Fringe Dress sewing pattern by Chalk&Notch was launched in August 2017 and took the sewing world by storm. 

It's been hugely popular. It's a well drafted pattern, and the instructions are very detailed. It comes with a couple of options for sleeves and the neckline, plus it's not particularly difficult to sew.

I've made one myself in a viscose from Atelier Brunette which resulted in a very comfortable and flowy dress.

Suggested fabric: woven viscose (anything with drape). For a denim version, why not try our washed organic denim?

2. Protea Capsule Wardrobe Pattern

The protea dress by Megan Nielsen

The Protea Capsule Wardrobe Pattern by Megan Nielsen allows you, as the name suggests, a lot of different garments with this one pattern.

The options include: two necklines, two sleeves, two skirts, darts at the bust, neckline facings, gathered skirt and anchored pockets.

So you can sew a whole range of different tops, skirts and dresses.

I've sewn several of her patterns, they have always felt really well drafted, and the instructions are very detailed. Really top-notch.

As the Protea is a loose-fit woven capsule wardrobe set, it's a great pattern for beginners.

Suggested fabrics:

A cotton lawn from Lady McElroy, or Storrs London.

3. Charlie Kaftan

Charlie Kaftan sewing pattern by Closet Case Patterns

The Charlie Kaftan sewing pattern by Closet Core Patterns was released in 2017 and it's still very popular.  

Can you see yourself strolling down the beach in style in this dress? 

Combine this with a gorgeous fabric and everyone will think you are wearing expensive designer clothing.

Suggested fabrics: 

Block prints, linen, or a viscose linen for a more drapey dress. Or a double gauze would be fabulous too.


4. The Camber Set

Camper Set sewing pattern by Merchant & Mills

The Camber Set pattern by Merchant & Mills is a great dress for beginners.

It's a simple design, easy to sew, but with the right fabric, makes for a fabulous dress.

Suggested fabrics:



5. Kalle Shirt + Shirtdress

Kalle shirt dress sewing pattern by Closet Case Patterns

I have been on the hunt for the perfect shirtdress and have been collecting images from the internet as inspiration. I especially like the Kalle sewing pattern by Closet Core Patterns as it is quite special with that high low hem.

Depending on the fabric you use, you can create different styles. 

If you are after a more classic look, I also love the Matilda and the Darling Ranges dresses from Megan Nielsen 

Suggested fabrics:

 Lots of options here: a Viscose for a flowy dress, or a cotton lawn for something more structured.


6. The Calvin Wrap Dress

The Calvin Wrap Dress

 The Calvin Wrap Dress is a stylish summer dress by True Bias.

The Calvin pattern is a wrap dress and top with exposed bias binding that extends into long ties to form a bow closure. It has rings and sliders which create adjustable shoulder straps so you can get a perfect fit.

 I'm a huge fan of the True Bias patterns, I've sewn many of her designs, always with great results.

This pattern can also be used to make a beautiful wrap top.

Suggested fabrics:

This dress would look fabulous in Viscose or a linen.


7. The Cloud dress

The Cloud dress by Masin

I bought the Cloud dress pattern the day it was released. I just love the style of it. I made on in a washed organic denim and wrote a blogpost about it which you can read here.

It's an easy to sew dress although it involves a lot of gathers. But those are all the craze at the moment. The result is a flowy dress that just feels so divine to wear on a hot summer day.

Suggested fabrics: A checkered linen would be very fashionable. For a more drapey version, any viscose fabric would be great too.


8. The Wilder Gown

The Wilder Gown sewing pattern by Friday Pattern Company 

The Wilder Gown by Friday Pattern Company is just fabulous so it had to be on this list. 

This tiered dress is loose, flowy, and can be sewn up in a bunch of different ways. It has raglan sleeves and ties up at the neck. It is easy to sew and is perfect for drapey woven fabrics.

The Wilder Gown can be made as a top or dress, long or short sleeved, with one skirt tier or two. The design is easy to customise you can easily create your own unique design.

Fabric suggestion:

This would look amazing in one of our crinkle cotton fabrics.


9. Pony tank + dress 

Poly tank sewing pattern

This has to be one of the most comfortable looking dresses ever. The Poly Tank sewing pattern by Chalk & Notch is actually for a tank, but simply make it longer, and voila! you have yourself a dress.

I made one in modal years ago and it's still one of my favourite summer dresses, just so comfy!

Fabric suggestion:

This one is perfect for a very drapey knit, like a model or viscose jersey. 

10. The Cuff Dress

The Cuff Dress by The Assembly Line

The Cuff Dress by The Assembly Line is another easy to sew dress, but still very stylish. It's been one of our most popular patterns and it's available in a large range of sizes.

It looks great in a solid or printed fabric.

Fabric suggestions:

Cotton lawn, Organic Washed Denim, Cotton Double Gauze.

This list of course could have been much longer but I hope it has offered some inspiration.





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