10 Gifts to Sew this Christmas 2023

December 07, 2023
10 Gifts to Sew this Christmas 2023
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Our Annual Festive Sewing Gift List is Here!

It's that jolly time of the year again, and I'm back with our list of sew-worthy gift ideas for the festive season.

Because nothing says 'made with love' quite like a handmade gift, straight from your sewing room to the lucky receiver's heart.

This year's list is a merry blend of old favourites and exciting new additions – perfect for beginners, seasoned sewers, and even for some crafty time with the kids.

So, grab your scissors and thread, and let's dive in:

1. Merchant and Mills Bucket Hat

Merchant & Mills Bucket Hat Pattern FREE

 Who doesn't love a free pattern, especially when it's as cool as the Merchant & Mills Bucket Hat? It’s the ultimate summer sidekick – simple, stylish, and a fantastic scrap buster. 

There are so many ways you could customise this hat using a Heavy Drill or Canvas for the outer and a fun printed cotton for the lining... the Lady McElroy cotton lawns would be ideal for a splash of fun! 

You can find the pattern here


2. Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask Tutorial and Pattern

We spotted these cute sleep masks on Instagram and like all sewers we thought, 'I could make that!'. 

These are on my list to make for my kids' teachers for all their hard work this year, surely they need a rest!!! 

There is a simple video tutorial and a FREE pattern which prints on a single A4! (You can find it here) 

The cotton canvas prints or Marimekko cottons are perfect for these and you can try your hand at a little quilting. 


3. Costermonger Market Tote - Merchant & Mills

Costerrmonger Bag Merchant and Mills PDF Pattern

This tote is a little different as it's designed as a backpack! It's a great beginner project, while also being super practical... who else has thought 'I wish I could swing my tote over my shoulder' when it starts to get a little heavy?!!

The Heavy cotton drill would be a great shell, lined with a fun cotton. The cotton poplins from the Mountain Collection would partner wonderfully, creating something super sophisticated. 

You can find the PDF pattern on our website, and if you like, you can opt for us to print an A0 copy for you too. 


4. Scissors Pouch - Sotak Handmade

Scissors Pouch - Sotak Handmade Pattern and Tutorial

These cute little pouches were also an Instagram find and what a great idea for all your creative friends and family... I think might even need one myself! 

There a so many ways you could personalise them, with zipper colour, quilted or not quilted  

You can find the tutorial here and it includes a printable pattern too!  


5. Fabric Bookmark

Bookmark Tutorial - CBC Life

If you have a bookworm in your life, the ones that still insist on a hardcopy, this could well be the perfect gift. 

You can easily tailor fabric choices to work with themes/genres that they are into and it can also work well as a scrap-busting exercise. 

They are super simple... you probably won't need these instructions. 


6. Dog Coat - merchant & Mills

Merchant & Mills PDF Barka Pattern

Let's not forget our best mates this Christmas... The, aptly named, Barka Coat is specially designed for our furry friends. You can make this with wadding for warmth or just a simple lined coat for those fringe weather days. 

You can find the PDF version of this pattern on our website, which you can choose either to download only or we could print an A0 copy for you too! 

Dog Collar Pattern - See Kate Sew

But why stop there when you could make your darling pooch a matching collar?!  The FREE pattern and tutorial by See Kate Sew is fairly simple and easy to follow and gives you experience working with buckles and clasps. 

We are imagining a coordinating fabric set, there are lots of great cotton canvas options in the new See You At Six collection - your pup will be the most stylish pooch on the street. 

7. Pipa the Pouch by Sewing Patterns by Masin 

Pipa Pouch - Sewing Patterns by MasinPipa Pouch - Sewing Patterns by Masin

Zipper pouches have to be one of the most useful gifts, we love this one as it is a little different. It has a lovely curved zip and a stable base allowing you to find all the bits and pieces that might be hiding on the bottom. 

Sewing Patterns by Masin offers this pattern for FREE if you sign up to their newsletter. You can find it here

Toni made this pouch with the last of the Rife Paper Co. canvas, but there are lots of gorgeous canvases to choose from in the latest See You At Six collection, you can find them here


8. Re-usable shopping bag

how to sew a grocery bag from a pillow case

This fantastic idea appears again! For something super easy, check out this video on how to make a grocery bag from a pillowcase! These take about 10 minutes to make, and it's a great sewing project for kids too. Make sure to watch until the end as she even shows you how to turn these into a wonderful gift.

It's a great scrap-busting gift as you probably already have all the things you need at home!

I always have one of these reusable bags in my handbag and I use it all the time.


9. Pot Holder by Closet Core Patterns

Closet Core Patterns Pot Holder Tutorial

If you have a budding chef in your life, this is a wonderfully simple gift. The best part is, you can customise the fabric choice to match their kitchen! 

 This would be beautiful in linen, or add a touch of designer style with Marimekko.


10. Quilted Computer Sleeve by Purl Soho

The list of free sewing patterns on Purl Soho's website is rather long. (slightly envious here!) but this one really caught my eye!

I love the look of this clever laptop sleeve. It's very modern and looks pretty easy to make. The free pattern and instructions can be found here.


There you have it – ten fabulous, sewable gifts to make this Christmas extra special. Dive into these projects and spread some handcrafted joy!

Happy Sewing and Merry Making!



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