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French Terry

We love cotton french terry so we stock it in a large range of colours.

It's a top-quality fabric we have been stocking for many years, it does not pill and will look great wash after wash.

And we have matching ribbing for each french terry colour, allowing you to create professional-looking garments.

The ribbing is made by the same manufacturer so you can be confident that the colours will match.

French terry is a wonderful medium weight sweater knit material, which can be recognised by the loops on the back of the fabric.

It is the perfect fabric for loungewear like sewing tracksuit pants, jumpers, shorts, pyjamas etc.

It is a mid season fabric, not too hot, and not too thick so it is easy to sew with.

If you are looking for a very warm sweater knit, we recommend you have a look at our brushed sweater knits instead (only available in autumn & winter).