Why I love sewing with knits - part 3

August 06, 2016
Why I love sewing with knits - part 3
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Sewing with knits - MaaiDesign Blog
A couple of weeks ago, I made 3 pairs of mini- hudson pants, one for each kid. (pattern by True Bias)
I figured they could use something comfy to change into after coming home from school.
The kids wear these pants pretty much every weekday, so it is comforting to know I made them something they love so much. 
Happy kids, happy mum!
My daughter is slowly outgrowing the pink phase (hooray!!) and chose the bunnies, while our little man picked the cactus print. He has already put an order in for a matching top.
Aren't they super cute!? 

Sewing with knits - MaaiDesign Blog
Both were finished off with cotton ribbing.
For my oldest boy, I used the VVV-blue from Zonen09. This is a pretty special knit fabric that can be used on both sides. It has like a goldish blue glow on one side, and solid blue on the back. 
I wasn't quite sure which side to pick but after I posed the question on Instagram and Facebook, the goldish blue became the clear winner. And I think it was the right choice!
I used the blue side for the waistband, leg cuffs, and the pocket detail.
But this boy no longer wants to have his face on the internet, hence the photos are not great. But I've added a few close ups instead so you get to see this special fabric a bit better.
Sewing with knits - Zonen09 fabric -  MaaiDesign Blog
Sewing with knits - MaaiDesign Blog
There Mini Hudson pants are so quick and easy to make, so my love for knits continues!
Now I will have to be next!
Have you made a pair of these yet?
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