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The Frances, a free sewing pattern from Fibre Mood

 Frances top, sewing pattern by Fibre Mood, MaaiDesign Blog

What, Who is Fibre Mood you ask?

It's a brand new sewing community. Their aim is to encourage more people to sew their own stylish wardrobe. 

Well isn't that a great goal, so I was more than happy to jump on the bandwagon.

Fibre Mood is planning to release regular sewing patterns, style advice and much more starting from the 22nd of August.

But to kick-start this new initiative they have organised a link party to spread this exciting news within the global sewing community.

So a group of seamstresses were asked to try out their first pattern: The Frances, on oversized top with gathered sleeves, and a deeper neckline at the back.

This is a free sewing pattern that is available to everyone, you can download it here.

You can see what everyone has been sewing here on the link party page.

So here is my Frances top.

Frances top, sewing pattern by Fibre Mood, MaaiDesign Blog

I must admit, I don't really like loose-fitting tops. There is nothing wrong with them, I just don't like to wear them. It's just not "my thing".

So I tweaked it a bit.

Frances top, sewing pattern by Fibre Mood, MaaiDesign Blog

Instead of the curved back hem, I left the bottom straight, gathered it a bit and then added a waistband elastic.

I searched for examples online but could not find anyone who had done this before. So this idea was either silly, or revolutionary! Well not quite that, but I do like how it looks and I like stretchy waistband on the hips, yes that is my thing!

Frances top, sewing pattern by Fibre Mood, MaaiDesign Blog

I used a Crepe fabric from Atelier Brunette (Cobalt) which is soft and has just the right amount of elegant drape.

Frances top, sewing pattern by Fibre Mood, MaaiDesign Blog

The pattern asks for quite a bit of fabric because the neckline is finished with bias binding. Instead of using the same fabric, I used a more economical option and just used a black copper bias binding from the store. 

I made sure the overlap of the bias matched the shoulder seam, so I can wear the top back to front as well if I want to. 

I forgot the add seam allowance to the neckline so it ended up a bit wider than expected, but with the added strip of "bling", I think it looks fine.

Now I'll just have to wait for spring to get to wear it! (hence the terrible indoor photos)

 Frances top, sewing pattern by Fibre Mood, MaaiDesign Blog

Project summary:

Pattern: Frances by Fibre Mood, size small

Fabric: 1.35m of Viscose Crepe Cobalt from Atelier Brunette

Waistband elastic: 1m of black with copper, from See You At Six.

Bias Binding: 1m of black copper 

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June 22, 2018

I really like this top with the elastic band and a bit of bling :) My IG got bombarded with posts with this top but I am still not too convinced this is my thing either. Oversized things don’t seem to work well on my frame. I do love it on others though!

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