Lucy's Camber top in Lady McElroy Sacred Symbol

August 04, 2022
Camber top by Merchant & Mills Review
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I loved the Sacred Symbol Lady McElroy fabric  from the moment I first saw it and immediately insisted we needed to stock it in the MaaiDesign store.

I love that at first glance it may seem a traditional floral print but when you look just a little closer you see all the glorious big bugs…  not what you usually see on a shirt!

The deep purples, pinks and ochre against the black look amazing too. 

I knew I needed to make something with this design, so I made up one of my favourite tops, the Merchant and Mills Camber.

It’s a simple woven T-shirt, with a neat finish at the neckline, with a yoke on the back and binding in the front, which shows off prints super well. 

I also love the way it's relatively fitted around the shoulders and then flares out slightly towards the waist which suits my apple shape (a polite way of saying it hides my muffin top). 

I’ve made a few of these and they’re what I reach for when I want to be comfy but also look a little bit dressed up. 

(My Remy, by SewHouse7 is my casual comfort go-to).

Even better is that my size, a 12, takes only one metre of fabric so it’s easier to justify indulging in a little piece of your favourite print. 

 My next plan is a dress version in Beautiful Destinations……

Beautiful Destinations by Lady McElroy
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