Lander Shorts in Cotton Canvas by See You At Six

October 20, 2022
Lander Shorts in Cotton Canvas by See You At Six
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lander shorts by true bias

If you're into sewing your own clothing, then the fabrics from See You At Six probably need no introduction.

They release 4 collections a year, each containing a range of different fabric types and -best of all - prints and colours that can be mixed and matched.

One of those fabric bases is a heavy cotton canvas. It's very much like a heavy cotton drill or a denim.

It's fantastic for bags, but it also lends itself to sewing pants and jackets.

I was keen to sew a garment in this fabric so decided on another pair of Lander Shorts, a pattern by True Bias.

This is pair number 4.

I've made quite a few alterations to it so I thought I would put it here in a blog post for those interested in the details.

lander shorts by true bias

First of all, I really love this pattern as these shorts are just so comfortable to wear. They come with quite a generous amount of ease so they are not too tight fitting but not baggy either, just right.

Now that I've nailed the fit, I can just hit repeat.

They are pretty easy to sew too. I've made both the button and zipper versions. The zipper version takes a few more steps (although not difficult) hence I prefer the exposed button option.

 So here are the changes I've made:

- I sewed a size 10, graded to a size 8 at the waist. (my measurements are 74 waist and 102 hip)

- I added 2 inches of length as they are designed very short, a little bit too short for my liking.

- I added 1cm to the rise.

- I used a curved waistband from another pattern (Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans) as a curved one provides a neater fit on my pear-shaped body.

lander shorts by true bias

Now about this print...

I must admit I'm not used to wearing printed fabrics on shorts or pants.

The whole time I was sewing them, I kept thinking that my fabric choice was a mistake, that I was never going to wear them. I even put the project aside for a few weeks and then went back to it.

But I love them now. They are just fun and have a strong summer/ holiday vibe.

I'm glad I tried something new!

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