Spring Rushcutter Dress in Tencel Twill

Hi everyone, I’m back for another guest post and to join the growing number of sewists and sewing bloggers going crazy over Tencel twill! I followed a link in one of MaaiDesign’s newsletters to a Pinterest board called Sewing Patterns for Tencel Twill and got all inspired by the lovely draping dresses that I saw there. The Rushcutter dress by In The Folds is my kind of dress and I’m so happy with the fabric choice!

Back of dress

I had already made the long-sleeved view A winter version of the Rushcutter out of denim and loved it, so wanted to try a summery view B. Can you believe it’s winter in the photos, though it was a sunny 22 degrees celsius? 

The best things about Tencel twill is the drape and silky shimmer, and it’s sturdy strength. I actually ripped out a button hole gone wrong and the fabric wasn’t affected at all! Confession time though, only the top button has a button hole, the other buttons are just sewn on (my machine was having some trouble there, time for a service I think!).

So the dress and fabric pairing is pretty spot-on. Actually, it’s amazing and I’m planning a birthday dress for my sister in a different colour - there are so many colours to choose from now! Though this colour is called Plum, though I think Chocolate is more accurate. It changes colour with the light though, which is interesting!

Sewing the Rushcutter was really fun. There are several elements that you can play with, like the pocket options (in-seam pockets or large side pockets), or using different colours for the neckline pieces, or side panels. Though I went for simple with this one, I’m dreaming up a playful version for the next one!

Girl wearing dress

Thanks for reading! To see more of my makes, follow me on Instagram @stokesrenee. Bye for now!