12 Gifts to sew this Christmas

November 03, 2016
12 Gifts to sew this Christmas
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Although part of me doesn't want to acknowledge it: Christmas is fast approaching...

Where has the year gone?

I have been researching ideas for things I can sew for family and friends. 

So I thought I would share 12 gift suggestions that are pretty cool.

Some are even so easy to make, it would make a great beginner project for the kids!


1. The Genoa Tote

Genoa Tote by Bloglessanna

The stunning Genoa Tote is fully-lined, features a zipped pouch and a clip for keys. This tote was designed with denim in mind, so why not use a fun print to line it on the inside? (tip: our denims and Soft Cactus fabrics would work really well here)

The PDF pattern allows you to make it in 3 different sizes. It can be purchased from the Pattern Fantastique website , where you can also purchase the leather handle kits.

You could also collect all the elements and gift it as a complete project to a sewing friend.


2. Pot Holder

Sewing pot holders with Sashiko stitching

Pot Holders are a sewing classic I guess. So many options! But recently I've become quite interested in Sashiko stitching and I love the look. Check out this tutorial by Jen Hewett for some truly modern pot holders made out of jeans and decorated with Sashiko stitching. 


3. Tablecloth

Laminated cotton tablecloth

I love practical gifts so here is a great one: a tablecloth in laminated cotton. When those cute little children make an absolute mess of the tablecloth, you can just wipe it all down! Done!

Our laminated cottons are 140cm wide, so will fit a table of up to 100cm wide. Simply measure the length of the table and add 2x the amount of overhang you would like.

I've written a few posts about sewing with laminated cotton, it is really nothing to be afraid of. So for lots of ideas and tips, have a read here.


4. Sunglasses case

Sunglasses case

This is a very quick and easy project. I think this might be a good one to teach some kids how to sew. So why not get the kids to make one of these for their teachers?

The full tutorial by Sewing Rabbit can be found here.


5. Bucket hat

Bucket hat by Oliver + S

"Not hat no play" as they say, so aussie kids all need hats and I often struggle to find nice ones. Oliver + S has a free pattern for a bucket hat in several sizes. The best thing about them is that they are reversible, so you get two hats in one!

Click here to find the pattern and instructions.


6. Lunch bag


After Christmas comes school holidays, and then school starts again. Maybe you don't want to think that far ahead, but some kids are going to need new lunch bags. So here is a tutorial for one that I made. Adjust the sizes to fit the containers that you use.


7. Open wide zippered pouches

Open wide zippered pouches by Noodlehead

I have made quite a few of these by now, and once you get the hang of it, you can make them in less than an hour.  Here is the free tutorial by Noodlehead. They are quite easy to make and come in 3 different sizes.

I combined Soft Cactus fabrics with here with jeans.


8. Pencil Case

zippered pencil case

I love the look of this pencil case, it has been quilted, and uses piping! Another great teacher's gift, or maybe for someone who is starting school next year.

The free pattern and tutorial from Craftpassion can be found here.


9. Pin cushion

pin cushion tutorial by Noodlehead

The cutest pin cushion ever! A great gift for a sewing friend. Here is the free tutorial by Noodlehead.


10. Fold up totes

This is another great gift for teachers. I always keep one of these in my handbag and they have been a life saver on a number of occasions.

Again, a great beginners project, so I might get my kids to sew a few of these.

Here is a tutorial from Stitch Fancy.

11. T-shirt

Sewing a T-shirt

A T-shirt may not sound very exciting, but we all need T-shirts right? And the raglan design makes is super easy and fast to sew. Do you have an overlocker? Then you really have NO excuse to give this a try. This is really another quick project.

I used our Froy&Dind fabric, and since it is 160cm wide, I could make 4 T-shirts in size 18months out of one meter of fabric, or 3 in size 4yrs!  There are lots of T-shirt patterns around. Have a look at our Lookbook to find a few examples.


12. Car organiser

Sewing a car organiserSewing a car organiser

With the holidays coming up, many of us will be going for long drives. I love the idea of a car organiser, this should be so easy to make. No more passing things around, or picking stuff off the car floor! Did I mention I like practical gifts? ;)

So here are a few options I found:




- A free pattern and tutorial from Sew4Home.

- Here is a clever solution that fits under a booster seat, by Keeping It Simple.

- Sometimes the simplest solutions can be the best, just hang these bags on the seat.










I hope you enjoyed these ideas. There is still plenty of time to sew something before Santa gets here!




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