Marsha Style Cortney + Grace Dress Hack featuring Storrs London cotton lawn

Marsha Style Cortney and Grace Dress Hack featuring Storrs London cotton lawn from MaaiDesign

Recently we reached out to the very talented pattern maker and seamstress Taree, from Marsha Style, and asked if she would like to test out the wonderful Storrs London cotton lawn (because we want everyone to know how wonderful they are). She kindly agreed and the result was nothing short of stunning. 

Taree has been highlighting the versatility of her patterns and blogging about how you can mix and match patterns for a completely different style. Many of Taree's dresses are light and breezy, making them perfect for the luxuriously soft and silky Storrs London cotton lawns. The bold, colourful prints allow you to make any project truly unique. 

This inspiring maxi dress is a combination of the Cortney and Grace dresses featuring the Storrs London Solstice cotton lawn (which has sold out, but more is on its way). You can read all about Taree's experience using the Storrs fabric and how she made her gorgeous dress on her blog. 

Marsha Style Cortney and Grace dress hack featuring Storrs London fabric from MaaiDesign

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