10 Gifts to Sew This Christmas (2021 edition)

December 07, 2021
10 Gifts to Sew This Christmas (2021 edition)
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 10 gifts to sew this christmas

I'm back with my annual list of gifts you can sew for the festive season. 

Some projects were on previous lists but this 2021 edition contains quite a few new ideas too.

Gifts that are the product of your creativity are more personal and therefore extra special. (And the process of making them is way more fun than shopping in my humble opinion ;)

There is something in this list for everyone:

1. The Sam Apron by Helen's Closet

The sam apron sewing pattern

Everybody loves a free pattern! The Sam Apron is available from Helen's Closet website here.

This design includes lots of pockets (yay!) and is available in a huge size range. 

If you're looking for a suitable fabric, our cotton drill fabrics are perfect for a durable apron. 

2. DIY Wrap Cardigan

DIY wrap cardigan

For those that love a piece of clothing that can be worn in many different ways, whether it's a cardigan, dress or scarf... you could make a wrap cardigan. Due to its versatility it's the perfect travel companion as well.

This is also a great one for beginners as it is very easy to make, I found this great tutorial by Brittany Goldwyn

Our heavy bamboo would be perfect for this project. 

3. An Easy Laptop Pouch

how to sew a laptop pouch

I made this laptop pouch for my daughter when she started grade 7 last year, and it's still going strong.

I have made laptop bags in the past with zippers going around the corner which looks really nice but gets very tricky to sew once you start using lining.

This design is so much easier and still looks great.

You can read about how I made this pouch here.

Fabric suggestions: Cotton Canvas by See You At Six, or Heavy Cotton Drill

4. The Mynta Wallet by Hansedelli

Mynta wallet by Hansedelli

Hansedelli, a german site, has a big range of wallet designs that are stunning. And luckily, many of the designs are now available in English as well. 

I love the Mynta wallet especially which is available in different sizes here.

But if you prefer a design without a zipper, you can also find this style on the same page:

Sewing a wallet

These are great projects to use up all your fabric scraps.

5. The Women's Robe by Purl Soho

I've made two for myself and now the whole family wants one!

It's an easy to sew pattern, made up entirely of rectangles. The biggest job is actually cutting the pieces rather than sewing it together. 

Because of its simple design, it's a garment you can sew for someone without having to measure them. It's quite a snug fit around the arms so if you're not sure about size, pick the bigger one.

Fabric suggestions: Cotton Lawn from Lady McElroy, or Storrs London, or why not a Textured Cotton Gauze?  

6. A Tote

how to sew a tote

I've made quite a few of these as gifts and they are always a winner.

For a step by step tutorial including all dimensions, click here.

I used a laminated cotton for the bag in this example but you can use any cotton fabric.    

To create this tote, you could combine a rigid denim for the base, or a cotton drill with a printed cotton.

An alternative is the Buckley Tote:

buckley tote

This pattern by Elbe Textiles is only $2.50, with all proceeds going to charity. This easy to sew pattern is available here.

7. Whale Pencil Case

This must be one of the coolest pencil cases around. This is sure to delight any child, and I bet some adults too.

Just have a look here to see lots of examples!

The pattern is now available in English here

8. Bombazine Oven Mitt

bombazine oven mitt free sewing pattern

It's a free pattern created by Kate and Klarissa from the Bombazine blog and such a good one to use up those fabric leftovers we've all been hoarding! 

9. A Beach Cover-up

Beach cover up

How about a beach cover up, may this be the ultimate summer garment? 

And it's a free pattern from Peppermint Magazine.

I'm dreaming of one in a double gauze cotton.

10. A Hat

serpentine hat

Living in Australia, one can never have too many hats.

Elbe Textiles has two great hat designs, the Serpentine Hat (pictured above) which has a very large rim offering great sun protection.

If you prefer a bucket hat style, the Sorrento Hat  is a unisex design (see below).  This hat is fully lined, with the ability to be reversible.

Fabric suggestions: Cotton Canvas by See You At Six, or Heavy Cotton Drill


I hope you've enjoyed this list!

Happy Sewing & Merry Christmas!


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