How a jersey dress became a jersey jumper

August 01, 2017
How a jersey dress became a jersey jumper
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 Atelier Brunette sweater knit - twinkle grey - maaidesign blog

This is a story of indecisiveness...

When it comes to clothes, I suffer badly from this "ailment".

Having a large variety of fabrics at my disposal probably doesn't help either, but at least it allows me to try a few different things.

So last week I decided to finally make the jersey dress designed by Emily from In the Folds for Peppermint Magazine. It's a free pattern, and I had spotted some great examples on other blogs like this one from Sewing with Kate.

I've used a number of sewing patterns designed by Emily before (they are always great) so was keen to give this one a go too.

In the back of my mind, I knew this wasn't without risk, given that designs like this dress often don't work for my body type (pear). But I'm sure I'm not the only one who often ignores that little voice.

Because this jersey dress looks sooo comfy!

So off I went. I picked the Twinkle Grey sweater knit by Atelier Brunette because it is lusciously soft, and it has shiny pink dots on it!

Such a quick sew, and it comes with raglan sleeves! #Winning

I attached the neck line, all was going good.

Atelier Brunette twinkle grey sweater knit

And then I tried it on...

The fit was great... except the pockets sat right on my hip, worst spot. It didn't look good on me. Oh bugger! (Note: I have a long torso, so for most these pockets would sit lower)

So back under the overlocker it went, and the pockets were removed.

It looked much better...

The bottom of the dress is finished with ribbing and I thought it would be fun to use light pink ribbing for that, matching the pink dots on the fabric.

So I did the cuffs in the light pink first. And then when it came to adding the pink hem, I started wondering again if this dress idea was a good one.

I missed the pockets...

And I have no shoes to wear with it, what a ridiculous first world problem! (laughing at myself)

Winter in Australia is all about layering people say. If it is 3 degrees in the morning, and it gets to 16 by 1pm, this dress wasn't going to be the most practical piece of clothing for me. 

No point making something that was just going to hang in the closet.

So the dress became a jumper. I straightened the sides to bring it in, and added a tall waistband at the bottom, I love how I can make everything long now!!

And since I had already used the pink for the cuffs, I changed the neck band to the pink as well. (The original neck line was a little bit tight)

Atelier Brunette sweater knit - twinkle grey - maaidesign blog

It looks very different than if I had used the same fabric all over which would have looked great too. 

But 40-year-olds can still wear light pink right? I know I'll get a lot of wear out of this one for sure!

Atelier Brunette sweater knit - twinkle grey - maaidesign blog





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