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A cosy jumper in jacquard fabric

Posted by Maaike van Besien on

Jumper in jacquard fabric - maaidesign blog

This jumper was sewn about 2 months ago. I have worn it a lot already so this one is definitely a winner.

I drafted the pattern myself, but you could easily recreate this with any basic pattern.

I actually copied one of my favourite jumpers which comes with a huge collar. So big I could hide in it, but let's hope I'll never actually need that feature.

sewing a jumper in jacquard fabric - maaidesign blog

I do use it sometimes to tuck my hands in for extra warmth ;)

sewing a jumper in jacquard fabric - maaidesign blog

I figured this jacquard fabric would be perfect for such a collar since it looks nice on both sides.

I measured the length of the neckline and then cut a piece of fabric that was as wide as this neckline length plus seam allowance, and about 45cm high.

I finished the top edge of the collar with a simple rolled hem.

rolled hem on collar of jacquard jumper

I put the short ends together to create the collar tube. This was then simply stitched onto the neckline. Easy peasy!

sewing a jumper in jacquard fabric - maaidesign blog

This fabric is 100% cotton,  since I made it quite snug fitting, it keeps me nice and warm.

I can roll this collar in or outwards, showing either the front or the back of the fabric. Whatever I feel like!

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  • The top fits you so well. Love the fabric you have used for it :)

    Jenya on

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