The Gallery Tunic by Liesl & Co - part 1


Gallery tunic by Liesl & Co - MaaiDesign Blog

My autumn wardrobe needed another shirt, so I made a Gallery Tunic by Liesl &Co.

I bought this pattern a while ago and decided to finally give it a go. 

It is a relatively quick sew as it avoids many of the time consuming parts of shirt making.

To be honest, this shirt is actually my second gallery tunic. I made a dress in a viscose already but I still want to add a few tweaks to it before I post it here. More on that in part two!

You see... I had a few sizing dilemmas and I made the dress too big at the shoulders.

When I use my bust measurement, garments tend to get too tight around the shoulders so I went a few sizes up in that area for the dress and took it a bit too far.

I was so curious about this fitting issue that I went into making this shirt version straight after. This time I just stuck with a size 2 for the top, and graded it down to a size 8 at the bottom.

Gallery tunic by Liesl & Co - MaaiDesign Blog

Gallery Tunic by Liesl & Co - MaaiDesign blog

The result: the fit is much better, but I could probably do with 1 size up at the shoulders. 

The pattern lived up to its reputation: very detailed instructions making this a pretty easy to sew garment.

I love how long this shirt is, I didn't even need to add any length.

It feels very roomy, and comfy to wear. Great for autumn, great to pair with jeans.



Fabric: 1.4 metres of Soft Cactus Fabric

Pattern: Gallery Tunic Liesl & Co


Gallery Tunic by Liesl & Co - MaaiDesign blog