Sewing inspiration for the new Soft Cactus collection - Part 2

February 03, 2017
Sewing inspiration for the new Soft Cactus collection - Part 2
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Soft Cactus fabric combinations

As part of the new collection, I've added extra fabrics in solid colours that combine perfectly with these modern prints.

The solids are also from Soft Cactus so most colours are therefore an exact colour match for some of the details in the prints.

I hope this will make it easier for you to find matching colours to sew collars, plackets, make bias binding or even to line dresses.

So today, I am just going to share some of my favourite combinations. And I'll add in a few pattern suggestions too.


1. Mazing Maths Black + Vivid dark Yellow

Soft Cactus fabric combinations

This black print with grey lines has these tiny yellow triangles in it, they almost look golden. Matched with this yellow, this could turn into something wonderful.

Too bold? There's always solid black too, but I'm voting for the yellow. A dash of colour never hurt anyone!

Imagine making a Lotta skirt and using the yellow for the pocket detail? 


2. Tickling Toes Black + Pastel Green

Soft Cactus fabric combinations

The feathers contain a little bit of green and although it is not 100% the same green as our solid pastel green, it is very close.

This pastel green would be perfect for the packet details of the Lotta skirt or the Lotta dress.

If you prefer something brighter, the Vivid Dark Yellow would make a beautiful combination as well because there is a little bit of yellow/ orange in those feathers too.


3. Lightning Lily - Turquoise + Marching Marbles Pastel Pink

Soft Cactus fabric combinations

Ok, I know these are two prints but the trendy pink and ochre colours are exactly the same in both fabrics. They are made to be together. So if combined well, for the right design, this could create something very special.

Why not use the flower print as the main fabric, and use the dotted print for small details like cuffs and collars? Or use the dots for the lining to have sneaky pretty insides in your garments.

Here the Tinny dress would be a great option, or the Ileana dress is perfect too. Both dresses have some many options!

If you think two prints combined might be a little bit too much, there is still the solid pastel pink to match instead.


4. We Want Waves Green + Solid Black

Soft Cactus fabric combinations

(Love how Soft Cactus keeps coming up with wonderful names for their fabrics ;)

This is a very special print, very fine. It has a bit of a Japanese feel to it.

These fine lines gave the designer a few grey hairs apparently, it took several trial runs to get it just right. This is one of my favourite designs in this collection and I'm planning on sewing a shirt dress in this one.

It can be combined with black or white. 


5. Marching Marbles Dark Blue + Vivid Blue

Soft Cactus fabric combinations

If you like blue, this is a great combination. The small dots in this dark blue print are grey and vivid blue, the exact same colour as this matching solid vivid blue.

This combination would work wonders for a men's shirt. But this could also be turned into a beautiful shirt dress. (I already have too much blue in my wardrobe so I'll leave some for you ;)

Or for a more classic and bold look, why not combine it with red?


6. Poppies panel + solid red 

Soft Cactus fabric combinations

The good thing about adding solids to the collection is that it sometimes matches other collections... Many have asked for matching solids for the Bambiblauw panels so here is one. The blue sky has different shades in the blue so that's hard to match, but that red is just perfect. And the option is there whether you want to get the woven or the knit panel as I stock a solid red knit too.


As always, you can find many more matches on the bottom of each product page. 

I would love to hear what your favourite combo is!

Happy Sewing!




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