Briar tee in French Terry from See You At Six

August 22, 2017
Briar tee in French Terry from See You At Six
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Do you ever spend days trying to find a perfect pattern that would do special fabric justice?

Hi. I am Jenya. I am that person who spent three days trying to work out what to make with this French Terry fabric from See You at Six.

Three. Whole. Days!  But how could I possibly rush into anything when I had such wonderful fabric on my hands? It is super soft, has the perfect amount of stretch, lovely drape... and the coolest print! 

In the end I decided to give the Briar tee by Megan Nielsen a go. This pattern is suitable for just about any knit fabric. It is a lot more fun than a traditional tee or a sweatshirt. I mean, look at the hemline! 

My measurements put me in size S. I didn't want to end up with a tight fitting tee. I wanted more of a lightweight jumper, so I made size M. I pretty much copied Anna and cut the hemline half way between a cropped and a full length version. I also shortened the sleeves by 2 1/2 cm. I now have a perfect layering piece, in time for spring which I hope is just around the corner! 

In these photos I am wearing a black singlet underneath my new Briar. It is still cold and I am a little too old to be showing off my tummy that on various stages of my life housed little humans. 

Yes,I really did match the print across the body and the sleeves. It was fun! In a sewing nerdy way... It actually is very easy. One can use the same principles as when matching stripes. Instead of using a stripe as a point of reference I used the top of the palm trees. Print matching is a little fiddly but definitely worth it. Have I cleared my name after creating two-headed mutant zebras?

This French Terry is not only pleasant to wear. It was very easy to work with. I was a little worried that hemming the top might be tricky due to the curve, but the fabric behaved so well! 

If you are considering purchasing a french terry what pattern would you use to do it justice?

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