16th of March - Creation by Nicola from Create.nic

A little introduction to Nicola:

Nic is the sewing enthusiast behind create.nic. She taught herself to sew when she was pregnant with her daughter over 5 years ago, and along the way became totally hooked! She started her blog around the time she moved to Darwin (in Northern Australia) for a number of reasons: blogging seemed to be the thing the cool kids were doing and it was a good opportunity to record her creations and photos of her kids whilst they were away. Now, with certainty it keeps her disciplined to record the kids on camera as they get older and one of these days she plans to make a photo book or two or three!

Nic is back in Sydney now, she only sews for her family and friends, but with her day job and the first year of school underway, she is not finding the same kind of time for sewing which is a serious concern. "Sewing is 'me' time: time to create, time to think, and time to relax in the rhythm of the stitches". 


Nic made a raincoat in laminated cotton. It looks fantastic and how cute are those red buttons?? Read all about it on her blog here.

MaaiDesign Blog Tour March 2016 - creation by Nicola