Creation by Shelley from Bartacks and Singletrack

August 08, 2016
Creation by Shelley from Bartacks and Singletrack
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A little introduction to Shelley:

Shelley's sewing alter ego goes by the name of Lightning McStitch, and blogs at

There, she documents everything she makes in the hope of never repeating the same mistake twice. You can imagine for yourself how well that works.

She sews everything needed for her two children, increasingly for herself, and about once a year (in lieu of a decent birthday gift) for her husband.

There's nothing she won't try once, and while she persists in sewing the everyday, mundane stuff, she's at her best when her sewing is inspired by art, politics, haute couture or just some silly idea that won't go away.

Shelley made 3 garments! And she got some great photos out of it with her children ;) 
Don't they look pretty happy? Read all about it in her blog post here.
MaaiDesign Blog Tour March 2016 - creation by LightningMcStitch
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