Why I love sewing with knits - part 1

August 06, 2016
Why I love sewing with knits - part 1
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Sewing with knits - MaaiDesign Blog
In recent weeks, I've gone on a bit of a knit sewing marathon. So much so, that I am going to dedicate several blog posts on knits over the coming days/ weeks.

The temperatures dropped and the kids needed new clothes.
So let's first talk about the long sleeved T-shirts I made.
All the kid's tops were created from 1 sewing pattern, the Billie pattern from Zonen09. 
With this one pattern, you can make a whole range of different T-shirts: long or short sleeves, regular or raglan sleeves, V-neck or round neck etc.
Unfortunately, it is not available in English just yet, but if you have experience in sewing T-shirts, then you can probably do without the instructions. Just be mindful that seam allowance is not included.

Sewing with knits - MaaiDesign Blog
I love sewing with knits! I can actually thank my current passion for sewing to knits.
It all started when I wanted to make some simple summer dresses for my daughter as I didn't like what was on offer in the shops. No one had told me of the so-called "fear for knits" so I just borrowed my mum's overlocker without really knowing what I was doing. 
Many mistakes later I am now really hooked.  With an overlocker, you can make garments in record time as you can close and finish the seams all in one go. 

Once you have your pattern pieces ready to go, you can make the same thing over and over again, just use different fabric. 
I believe you can make tops faster than it would be to drive to the shops and buy one. 
Sewing with knits - MaaiDesign Blog
For my daughter's top, I used an organic knit from Elvelyckan Design.
My little man was treated to a long-sleeved T-shirt made with the new panels from Zonen09.

sewing for boys with Zonen09 fabric - MaaiDesign Blog

Our miss got a jumper too, made in a french terry knit from Bambiblauw. She picked the flamingos, in a beautiful coral pink. I just made it a size too big to get a bit more ease in it.

flamingos on peachy pink, fabric by Bambiblauw, MaaiDesign Blog

French terry fabric by Bambiblauw - with flamingo print
 I still believe it is worth sewing your own T-shirts, even if you can buy them at ridiculously low prices. At least then you know who made them, and if you use a quality fabric, they are sure set to last much longer.
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