Roscoe top in cotton crepe

Sometimes I feel like there's a bit of pressure to keep up with all the latest pattern releases, to make the latest and greatest item that is doing the rounds on Instagram, even if it's not really your thing.  Maybe that's just me?  One of my goals for 2019 was to make better use of my extensive pattern stash.  When I saw the beautiful Atelier Brunette cotton crepe I thought it was the perfect match for the True Bias Roscoe blouse.

I haven't used cotton crepe before, but like all the other Atelier Brunette fabrics, I thought it was absolutely lovely.  I pre-washed the fabric and it came out with a lovely soft crinkle texture (I've tried to capture this is the photo below).  I lost a bit of this when I pressed seams and hems, but I expect it to return when it's washed again.  It's very light, pretty sheer and I would say somewhat delicate.  I would hate to have to unpick seams, removing the gathering stitches made me nervous, but I love the end product!

The pattern itself is a pretty quick make, but I would suggest checking finished measurements and considering how much ease you like.  I measured at a 14 and made a 12 and there's still plenty of ease.

True Bias drafts for a height of 5'5".  I'm 6' tall and I added 1.5" to the sleeve length, but removed 3 inches from the hem - I felt like I was swimming in fabric.  

I find that when I wear this top it slips back on my shoulders which raises the front hem.  In the photo above you can see the way the top dips at the back and is raised at the front - you can also get a sense of how sheer the fabric is. 

I also feel like the top looks a bit block like with the sleeves and hem finishing at the same level, something to consider if you want to play with the proportions a bit.

I love this top.  We're travelling soon and I think this will be a handy addition to the suitcase.  The fabric is lovely and light and will be perfect over bathers or paired with shorts where it's warmer, but will also work well with jeans or layered with other tops when it's cooler.

I wouldn't hesitate to use the Atelier Brunette cotton crepe again, I love the texture, how easy it is to work with and the tiny hint of sparkle from the gold sunrise print.