Morgan Jeans in Corduroy & A Lane Raglan Top

April 29, 2021
Morgan Jeans in Corduroy & A Lane Raglan Top
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Lane Raglan and Morgan jeans in corduroy

I love jeans, I would wear them any day of the week.

But for my next pair of winter pants, I decided for a bit of variety and made a pair of corduroy trousers!

Nothing like a huge delivery of fabric to get my sewjo back, or an excuse to show you what you can do with our new corduroy fabrics.

I used the Morgan Jeans pattern by Closet Core Patterns, because that was just easy. I've made 3 pairs of jeans with this pattern before so I've now tweaked it enough for a perfect fit. It's so nice to have a pattern fine tuned to my body shape, and then I can just repeat and repeat.

morgan jeans in corduroy

The pants came together quite quickly since I didn't use top stitching thread, it was all sewn together with regular thread.

But I did make a mistake and I feel so silly for doing it.

I only realised my mistake once the pants were fully finished and I was admiring my handiwork in the mirror:

With jeans , it is recommended that you cut the front and back pieces in opposite directions as that prevents the pant legs from twisting. 

So without thinking I cut the corduroy pieces the same way as I've always done for jeans. (and it uses less fabric too)

But corduroy has a nap, or a direction so to speak, it gives the fabric a different appearance or lustre in each direction. This means that the main pieces of the pants should all be cut in the same direction.

In certain light you can see that the front and the back of the pants have a different appearance, almost as if they are a slightly different shade. 

Most people may only notice it after I point it out but it will probably bug me forever.

Lesson learned!

morgan jeans in corduroy

These pants are actually more comfortable than jeans as the fabric is not as stiff as a regular jeans. It also has a little bit more instant stretch than denim so I don't get that tightness you get with new or freshly washed jeans that then gradually stretch a bit over time. These were just comfy from the start. They may have stretched a bit a little bit more during wear but not a lot. So don't be afraid to sew them as tight as your jeans.

I added some finishing touches: a woven label by Kylie and The Machine, and a beautiful leather patch that was kindly gifted to me by Lavern Leather.

morgan jeans in corduroy with leather patch

Lane Raglan by HeyJune

My winter wardrobe is in need of a few new tops as well so I made a matching raglan t-shirt. 

The Lane Raglan (by Hey June) is also one of my favourite patterns, I've made 2 T-shirts and my favourite hoodie with this pattern. (you can see a photo here)

I still tweak this one every time, and think I've now found my perfect size: in between small and medium.

I used a denim look cotton jersey which is soft and has a nice look and texture. I found a matching piece of ribbing in my stash but could also have gone for something contrasting (it was a tough choice! :)

Here I also wanted to add something special so I used one of our iron-on patches by Petit Pourrie. 

I created a waistband and cuffs with the main fabric, my preferred way of finishing my jersey tops. I just cut the pieces slightly shorter (about 5-10%) and stretch them as I sew them on.

Overall very happy with my new outfit!

 Lane Raglan by HeyJune

Summary Trousers:

Pattern: Morgan Jeans by Closet Core Patterns (with zipper fly, used instructions from the Ginger Jeans pattern)

Size: 8 waist, 12 at the hip. 1 cm added to the length.

(my measurements are waist 73 -  hip 102 - height 178cm.

Fabric: 1.5 metre of Non-stretch corduroy in Slate Grey. However, to cut the pieces correctly I would have needed 2 metres.

Woven label by Kylie and The Machine

Leather Patch by Lavern Leather 

Summary Top:

Pattern: Lane Raglan by HeyJune Patterns

Size: graded in between S and M

(my measurements are: waist 73 -  bust 86 - hip 102 - height 178cm.

Fabric: 1.4 metre of denim look jersey in light blue. Plus a small strip of See You At Six ribbing. (colour non longer available)

 Iron-on Patch by Petit Pourrie.

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