Creation by Natalie from Sewoutnumbered

August 08, 2016
Creation by Natalie from Sewoutnumbered
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A little introduction to Natalie:

I rediscovered my love for sewing after the birth of my first child 6 years ago and now I’m a woman obsessed!  

Who do I sew for? I started off sewing mostly for him but in the last few years I’ve started making a lot more for myself and I absolutely love it.  

Why I sew?  I’m pretty much addicted to learning so I think the challenge of each new project and technique gets my brain working and the feeling of accomplishment at the end is the best!

Why I blog?  To connect with the online sewing community and encourage others to sew.  Blogging has taken a bit of a back seat for me recently because we’re in the middle of a major house extension but I hope to start catching up on the backlog of projects very soon!

Two years ago I decided to combine my two passions sewing and teaching by starting a Perth based sewing classes and events business, Sew for Life (  There were few opportunities in Perth for younger, modern sewists to connect and sew and I’ve met so many incredible women in the past two years!  This year we have two retreats planned, we recently ran a destash event, have three courses running as well as a number of workshops and regular social sewing.  It’s crazy busy juggling this with work and kids but I love it and just can’t stop!


Natalie made these super comfy pjs, and I love how she combined beautiful soft fabric with white piping, they look perfect!

Read all about it on her blog here.

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