A Linen Wattle Skirt + Bamboo jersey Idyllwild Top

 Wattle skirt in linen, pattern by Megan Nielsen

I think I've finally found the perfect skirt pattern for me: The Wattle Skirt by Megan Nielsen.

I've had quite a few embarrassing failures when sewing skirts. Like being convinced skirts needed to sit on my hip, which is actually what you should NOT be doing if you have a pear-shaped body like me. And gathered skirts don't work either as I tend to end up with a little bulge under the waistband and that just looks rather unflattering.

The wattle skirt is a lovely flowing skirt that sits on the narrow part of the waist and that's the way it should be for me.

Wattle skirt in linen, pattern by Megan Nielsen

This is the second Wattle Skirt I've made actually. 

I made one in a blue Tencel Twill, a fabric that is just perfect for this design. I have yet to photgraph it but I was so happy with the fit, that I made another one as I couldn't resist keeping some of the new checkered linen for myself.

I made a size 8 and adjusted the length to where I like it to be. Above the knee is too short, and midi is not quite right either. But adjusting the length was easy done.

The skirt is really easy to sew together, and no invisible zippers!! It just closes with 2 buttons which is so clever.

Wattle skirt in linen, pattern by Megan Nielsen

Things I've learned:

- When you want to do pattern matching, think this through before cutting. I made an effort when I cut the back pieces, and then realised I could do better, and did that for the front. There I got the corners of the squares to match exactly.

- Use a mid-weight interfacing for the waistband, one with stability in it. I actually redid the waistband on my first skirt as I got a horizontal crease after wearing. I've added interfacing with stabilising threads (Vilene H410) to the store, you can find it here.

- When deciding on the button placement, take into account that the waistband will still stretch slightly during wear and the buttons will sit at the end of the buttonholes therefore again opening the waistband a little bit more. So make sure the skirt fits quite snug when you decide where to put the buttons as you'll still get a bit of extra room after.

- Leave the skirt to hang for at least 24hrs before hemming as the fabric is cut on the bias so it will stretch a bit in certain areas. 

I was going to make a matching white top, but then had this remnant of the lush meadow green bamboo jersey lying around.

It's a green that is impossible to photograph, it is weird. In real life, this green is a bit more vibrant and lush than the picture suggests.

I used the Idyllwild top pattern by Itch to Stitch, a pattern I discovered on Instagram as I was forever looking for a T-shirt pattern with narrow mid-length sleeves. It's simple and the perfect style for my tiny arms.

I made an xs with the lower neckline option, without any changes, but will probably add a little bit of length next time. I'll be making more!

Of course I've very biased, but this is my 4th bamboo jersey T-shirt and they are just so comfy to wear!

Wattle skirt in linen, pattern by Megan Nielsen