10 sweater knit patterns to experiment with colour blocking

August 24, 2021
10 sweater knit patterns to experiment with colour blocking
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It's a colour block party! 

It is definitely sweater season and who needs another boring jumper?! - Let's make the most of it and bring colour and warmth to our wardrobes! 

All of these patterns are inherently crying out to use two (or more!) knit fabrics in their construction. Whether you want to play it subtle in tones, or bust out some colour in unexpected ways, these patterns are a blank canvas to express yourself in season. They are also a great way to be responsible with those leftovers from previous projects!

Never colour blocked before? Here are some simple suggestions to get you going. 

  • Follow nature: top to bottom > light to dark 
  • Follow the shadows: sides to middle > dark to light
  • Use the colour wheel: pick complementary or contrasting colours
  • Find a picture you love and use the same colour palette 

Or use our suggested combinations or make up your own - have fun!

1. Geodesic Top // by Blueprints for Sewing 

Available in bust sizes: 81cm (32") - 147cm (58") from Blueprints for Sewing

Pop it with pockets, or replace one (or all!) of the triangle pieces with any colour that takes your fancy! What about...

colour blocking for sewing sweater knits

Mallard Green  + Arctic Blue + Mustard Yellow (pocket pop)


2. Milly Colourblocked hoodie and zip up jacket // by Sinclair Patterns

This sewing pattern comes with so many options. Sew it as a hoodie, or as a zip up jacket. 

It comes in REGULAR, PETITE and TALL with sizes from US0-US30 and is available here.

Re-create the cover model with MaaiDesign heavy sweater knits or create your own striking combo. What about this vibrant suggestion?

Heavy Sweater Knit Golden Spice  + Petrol Blue + Alpine Green


3. Apollo knit colourblocked hoodie for men // by Sinclair Patterns

This is a fabulous looking hoodie sewing pattern for men. I especially love the overlap of the hood at the front.

This pdf pattern comes in REGULAR, SHORT and TALL with sizes from XS to XXL and is available here.

There are endless colour blocking options for this hoodie on the website - but how about you try...

 Black + Charcoal + Paprika


4. Stereo Sweater // Misusu Patterns

Available in bust measurements: 98cm - 142cm from Misusu Patterns

The Stereo sweater is an homage to the 80's - comfortable & cool - packing just the right amount of 80's boldness in a modern and new way!

It features an eye-catching integrated high neck collar,  regular or balloon sleeves and giving you five different sleeve colour-block options.

The retro colour combo really suits this jumper. We like this mix:

Bordeaux + Charcoal Marle + Mustard Yellow


5. Maxine Sweater // Dhurata Davies Patterns 

Available in bust sizes: 76cm - 104cm available from Dhurata Davies Patterns

What panels would you replace? I'm thinking diagonal opposites of...

White + Mustard Yellow


6. Gemma Sweater // by Named

Available in bust sizes: 76cm - 104cm from Named Clothing

This jumper cries out for a high contrast vibrant combo - what about the heavy sweater knit to keep the structure of the jumper, and in these happy and vibrant colours?

Cerise + Golden Spice


7. Lamma Hoodie // Itch To Stitch

The great thing about Itch To Stitch sewing patterns is that she will include different bust sizes. Usually not common for knit patterns, but she did add a "full bust" option to the Lamma Hoodie pattern.

Plus, the size range is huge: from 0 to 40! You can find the pattern here.

We love the combination of a print and a solid colour. This is of course perfect for the french terry fabrics from See You At Six.


8. Noord sweatshirt and t-Shirt // Liesl and Co

Available in bust sizes: 85cm-177cm with A/B, C, D cup sizes from Liesl + Co

This pattern is great for tops using our cotton jerseys in different coloursl


9. Dia Ladies Sweater and Tunic // Misusu Patterns

Available in bust sizes: 86cm- 132cm from Misusu Patterns

This is the perfect scrapbuster! Pick your main colour and then raid your stash for all the sparkly goodness of that diamond! The possibilities are as endless as your scraps bucket.

Denim Blue + all the colours! 


10. Marley Dolman Knit Top with A Yoke // by Sinclair Patterns

 This jumper features a dolman sleeve, the easiest sleeve to sew. This is another pattern with lots of options and in a huge size range.

This pattern is available in sizes US0-US30 and can be purchased here.

Here's another combination we really love:

Alpine Green + Golden Spice heavy sweater knit.

The colour blocking options with sweater knit fabrics are endless so let your imagination run wild!

To finish this list, here are just a few other combinations we love:

Navy + Hunter Green + Paprika
colour blocking inspiration

Bordeaux  + Old Rose Pink + Light Grey Marle

Happy Sewing!

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