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10 sweater knit patterns to experiment with colour blocking

sewing patterns for colour blocking

It's a colour block party! 

It is definitely sweater season and who needs another boring jumper?! - Let's make the most of it and bring colour and warmth to our wardrobes! 

All of these patterns are inherently crying out to use two (or more!) knit fabrics in their construction. Whether you want to play it subtle in tones, or bust out some colour in unexpected ways, these patterns are a blank canvas to express yourself in season. They are also a great way to be responsible with those leftovers from previous projects!

Never colour blocked before? Here are some simple suggestions to get you going. 

  • Follow nature: top to bottom > light to dark 
  • Follow the shadows: sides to middle > dark to light
  • Use the colour wheel: pick complementary or contrasting colours
  • Find a picture you love and use the same colour palette 

Or use our suggested combinations or make up your own - have fun!

Geodesic Top - Blueprints for Sewing 

Available in bust sizes: 81cm (32") - 147cm (58") from Blueprints for Sewing

Pop it with pockets, or replace one (or all!) of the triangle pieces with any colour that takes your fancy! What about...

Mallard Green + Silver Green Marle + Arctic Blue + Mustard Yellow (pocket pop)


Sue Sweatshirt // Schnittchen Patterns

Available in bust sizes: 82cm - 106cm from Schnittchen Patterns

Re-create the cover model with MaaiDesign winter jersey knits or create your own striking combo. What about this suggestion?


Elevation Hoodie // by Pattern Niche

Available in bust sizes: Toddler - 105cm from Pattern Niche

There is endless colour blocking inspiration for this hoodie on the website - but how about you try...

SYAS Treelife + SYAS Glacier Grey + Amber Yellow


Stereo Sweater // Misusu Patterns

Available in bust measurements: 98cm - 142cm from Misusu Patterns

The retro colour combo really suits this jacket. We like this mix:

Mustard Yellow + Old Rose Pink + Bordeaux


Maxine Sweater // Dhurata Davies Patterns 

Available in bust sizes: 76cm - 104cm available from Dhurata Davies Patterns

What panels would you replace? I'm thinking diagonal opposites of...

White + Mustard Yellow

(Hehe! I just noticed that if you go on to the next design you might have colour deja vu - well they do say that great minds think alike!)


Gemma Sweater // by Named

Available in bust sizes: 76cm - 104cm from Named Clothing

This jumper cries out for a high contrast moody combo - what about a ponte to keep the crisp structure of the jumper, and in these colours?


Lamma Hoodie // Itch to Stitch

Available in bust sizes: 79cm - 152cm with a "full bust" option from Itch to Stitch 

What about trying this pattern in a warm palette. How would you place the following colours? Maybe I'd place the print running down the arms for something a little different.


Noord sweatshirt and t-Shirt // Liesl and Co

Available in bust sizes: 85cm-177cm with A/B, C, D cup sizes from Liesl + Co

How would you rip off the muted neutral tones of the original design? I'm thinking of adding a dash of lipstick...

Bordeaux + Charcoal Marle + Mustard Yellow


Dia Ladies Sweater and Tunic // Misusu Patterns

Available in bust sizes: 86cm- 132cm from Misusu Patterns

This is the perfect scrapbuster! Pick your main colour and then raid your stash for all the sparkly goodness of that diamond! The possibilities are as endless as your scraps bucket.

Denim Blue + all the colours! 


Ada Hoodie // by Schnittchen Patterns

Available in bust sizes: 82cm - 100cm from Schnitten Patterns

My absolute favourite I saved for last - and how can you improve on perfection?

Bordeaux + Cornflower Blue Marle + Old Rose Pink


We've only just got this colour block party started!

Stay tuned for lighter jersey knits in "colour block party volume II" and the companion scrap-buster "mini block party"!

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