10 Gifts You Can Sew This Christmas (2017 edition)

December 07, 2017
10 gifts ideas to sew
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10 gifts to sew

I shared a list of Christmas gift ideas to sew last year here.

Now that another year has gone by, it is time for an updated list.

Here are 10 ideas for gifts you can sew this Christmas... because handmade is best!

If you are looking for teacher gift ideas or things to sew with the kids, there are a few options in here too.


 10 gifts you can sew this christmas

1. Bombazine Oven Mitt

bombazine oven mitt free sewing pattern

Only released very recently, but oh how I love this!

It's a free pattern created by Kate and Klarissa from the Bombazine blog and such a good one to use up those fabric leftovers we've all been hoarding!


2. Pot Holder

Sewing pot holders with Sashiko stitching

Aside from oven mittens, you could opt for simple pot holders too. But why not try a new stitching technique to make it look extra special? You can use this technique on the above oven mitt too.

Check out this tutorial by Jen Hewett for some truly modern pot holders made out of jeans and decorated with Sashiko stitching. 

Kate from Sewingwithkate is becoming quite the expert in this type of hand sewing too, as she added some Sashiko stitching to the Bombazine oven mitt she made. See it here.


3. Crossbody bag

Noodlehead crossbody bag free sewing pattern

I think this might be a Christmas gift I will have to gift to myself!

It's a FREE pattern from Noodlehead, that you can download here. 

If you've always wanted to sew your own handbag, this could be a good one to give a go. I've made several bags with Noodlehead's patterns and they are great.

Of course if you need piping and cotton fabrics, I can help you there too in the store. ;)


4. The Genoa Tote

Genoa Tote by Bloglessanna

This one was on the list last year as well, but why remove a bag this great?

The stunning Genoa Tote is fully-lined, features a zipped pouch and a clip for keys. 

The PDF pattern allows you to make it in 3 different sizes. It can be purchased from the Pattern Fantastique website

I've made a whole range of these, as gifts, and a really big one that I lined with laminated cotton, perfect to take to the beach. 


5. Re-usable shopping bag

And while we are on the topic of bags, with plastic bags likely to be banned across supermarkets in Australia next year, why not sew your own reusable bags? (Even without the ban, it is still a great idea to always bring your own bags)

how to sew a grocery bag from a pillow case

For something super easy, check out this video on how to make a grocery bag from a pillowcase! This would take about 10 minutes to make, and it's a great sewing project for kids too. Make sure to watch until the end as she even shows you how to turn these into a wonderful gift!

Boomerang Bags

Have you heard of Boomerang Bags? This organisation aims to provide an alternative to plastic bags by engaging communities to sew their own bags with recycled fabrics. Have a read here, maybe there is a group sewing these somewhere near you.

I've been sewing Boomerang Bags in my new hometown in Bright (Victoria) and it's a great way to make new sewing friends.

Here is a video of how you can sew your own Boomerang bag.


6. DIY Rope Bag

DIY rope bag

More bag love! This is one I have yet to try I must admit, but it just looks so fabulous doesn't it? And the clever use of the colourful thread, oh my!

Here is a step by step guide on how to make your own.

You don't necessarily have to go this big, you can make small baskets too.


7. Hot/ Cold Rice Packs

These are so easy to make you probably won't need these instructions but I love practical gifts so here you go.

This is another great one to get the kids involved and could make a wonderful teacher gift too.

I was once given one of these by my dad for Christmas many years ago, it was longer than the one pictured here, and it had 2 stitch lines going across it, therefore dividing this long "sausage" into 3 parts. That way it moulded nicely around my neck. I loved it and still use it to this day when I have a sore back or neck. Just pop it in the microwave for a few minutes and enjoy some instant relief.


8. A Pillow bed

how to make a pillow case bed

Have kids or grandkids who love sleepovers?

Here is a tutorial from "It's always Autumn" on how to make a pillow bed! And I'm sure it won't just be used for sleeping!


9. Fabric Trays



Here's another project by Noodlehead. Can you tell I'm a big fan of her work?

On her website, she has a free tutorial on how to make these, they look so much fun to make. 


10. Snuggly Slipper Boots

tilly and the buttons free pattern for snuggly boots

Ok, not quite the right season for us here in Australia, but these are too cool not to include.

Tilly & The Buttons just released this free pattern for a pair of snuggly boots. 

I hope you enjoyed these ideas!

Happy Sewing





10 gifts you can sew this Christmas



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