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Double Sided Sewing Tape - 3mm

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This transparent double-sided (non-soluble) sewing tape was developed as a sewing aide to save you time. 

It is ideal for keeping zippers, pockets, hems etc. in place without the need for pins. 

It's a total lifesaver when sewing zippers into stretchy fabrics, for example, rash vests. The tape will keep the zipper in place and prevent the fabric from stretching during sewing, making the zipper insertion a breeze.

This type of tape is used in professional garment making and in the leather industry.
It is resistant to moisture, UV and heat, and will follow curves with ease.

Material: Polyester liner + Acrylic adhesive

Colour: transparent

Note: Always stitch next to the tape, don't sew through the tape itself as it can make your needle sticky.

Length: 20 metres
Tape width: 3mm