A PDF sewing pattern is a digital version of a traditional sewing pattern that is sent to you instantly in your email inbox.

The set of files will contain at least the following:

- The sewing instructions

- The sewing pattern in A4 format, for at home printing

- The sewing pattern in A0 format, for printing on large scale printers at a copy shop.

From the email, the files can be downloaded and saved onto your computer. The print-at-home file allows you then to print the pattern at home. 

This means that you don't have to wait for shipping and can use the pattern right away after purchase.

Another great advantage of PDF patterns is that you can print them multiple times, so you don't have to worry about losing the pattern, or having to trace the pattern.

However, printing at home can be time-consuming as you have to tape lots of A4 sheets of paper together. To make it easier for you, we can print the PDF patterns in large format for you, on A0 size paper (the size of 16 sheets of A4 together).

You can choose to order a printed copy on A0 format of your pattern in one seamless transaction. If you choose this option, you will still receive the digital files, and we will post the A0 sheets to you.

Our growing range of PDF patterns gives you access to a wide variety of designs for all your sewing projects.