What to do with your jersey scraps

October 15, 2021
What to do with your jersey scraps
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This is the story of guilt free sewing; of leftovers turned fabulous!

As much as possible, I try to sew responsibly. I buy beautiful, high quality, thoughtfully made fabrics, that I wear for seasons and seasons - one of the main reasons I'm a MaaiDesign customer! And now that I've chosen my summer basic wardrobe I know that I'm going to have lots of beautiful jersey scraps just begging to be given a second chance. Here are my top three favourite ways to get the most millage out of every metre...

Kids clothes

Little people clothes use a fraction of the fabric and with these clever patterns there will definitely be enough leftovers for one for the mini-me or mini-niece/nephew! 

Kite Fold Tee // by Made it Patterns

Perfect for playing tetris with the leftovers, I have this pattern printed and cut out on the table at home ready for as soon as I've sewn my stash! Is it too early to suggest that this amazing scrap buster would make an excellent Christmas present? Don't forget a beautiful Kylie and the Machine label on it "you are loved" or C. 2021. Purchase the Kite Fold pattern PDF from Make It Patterns here. 

Rainbow Falls Hoodie/Tee // by Max and Meena Patterns

Ok, she's a cutie bug with that sweet smile, but my son also LOVES his rainbow hoodie, and the pattern is also perfect for making short sleeve tees with the leftovers of your various projects. You could purchase a remnant or order just a little bit extra of one of your favourites, to make this super fun shirt! 2 projects for the price of one? I am totally in for that! Purchase the Rainbow Falls Hoodie/Tee pattern here.

Quilt it

That's right, you heard me! If you can make a garment you can make a quilt, and trust me, jersey scrap quilts are the softest most coveted snuggle blankets! 

I've been quilting for 20 years, but it wasn't until I saw Carolyn Friedlander's The Knit Quilt Primer that something in my brain clicked. Of course I should using knit scraps for a quilt!

Could there be a more interesting way to use up those coordinate pieces? The curves may look tricky, but if you can set in a sleeve, or put binding on a neck, then you already have the skills to make this beautiful quilt. Snuggle up on your couch (or gift it) with a clear conscience that you have made the best possible use of every scrap from your new fabric purchases!

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