Extreme Product Testing: Soft Cactus Sewing Tape

September 28, 2019
Soft Cactus sewing tape ultimate product test
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This post was written by Rosey Huf.

I was curious. I was feeling lazy. I ordered some of Maaike's Sewing Tape with no particular project in mind, but the idea of hassle free zip placement appealed.

Soft Cactus sewing tape test on corset

Then my baby sister called and asked for a custom corset - next week.
This is my first corset and I can honestly say that the sewing tape saved my world.

Twelve panels of sew in boning in under half an hour, and pain free. Heck it was even enjoyable!
Sew-in boning held in place with Soft Cactus sewing tape
It coped with serious curves.

Sticky Cactus sewing tape on curves

It allowed for me to occasionally re-position a bone and best of all...didn't require any pins!

Inserting hassle free sew-in boning with no pins
If corsets, cosplay or formal wear are in your future - this tape is your BFF.

PS. works on zippers and leather too!

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