The Glide Jacket by Made It Patterns

June 27, 2019
The Glide Jacket by Made It Patterns
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Glide Jacket Sewing Pattern by Made It Patterns

This was a very satisfying sew.

Don't you love that moment when you turn your sewing project right side out and everything falls into place? All seams are hidden and suddenly it looks so NEAT!

No loose hanging threads, no rough edges.

Yes, I really like anything that involves a lining!

The Glide Jacket is the latest pattern from Madeit Patterns.

When it launched I bought it instantly. Just loved those clever details.

Glide Jacket Sewing Pattern by Made It Patterns

The instructions are fabulous. I loved the humour! (Yes, let's not take ourselves too seriously, this should be fun!)

Every step is explained in just the right amount of detail so I actually sewed this up without making any major mistakes. 

Except one...

I didn't make a test version beforehand. I rarely do this, blame impatience.

So the jacket turned out to be quite short.

I have a long upper body so I add 4 cm in length to all patterns as standard.

Now I didn't do this here as adding length didn't seem that straight forward due to the way this jacket is constructed. And the instructions only talk about lengthening the sleeves, and there I knew I was good.

I sewed a size 8 as I wanted a slim fit, which made the jacket even shorter.

You know that little voice, that voice that says you should really make the effort, but then that other internal force that just wants you to get on with it?

In the end, I'm still delighted with my new jacket.

I made the more formal version, and even though it is short, the jacket will still look great on a dress. (Now I need to sew a matching dress!!!)

I emailed Anna and Olu from Madeit Patterns on how best to lengthen the Glide jacket and they kindly provided this tutorial because I want to make another one. Adding length really doesn't seem that daunting after all.

Glide Jacket Sewing Pattern by Made It Patterns

The outer fabric is a wool in a fabulous happy grass green I got from the op-shop a few years ago. So I'm not 100% sure it is wool but that's what the label said, and it didn't mind a hot iron.

The lining is a cotton from Soft Cactus that I had in my stash too. They seemed the perfect combination. (Now I get to go "Tadaah! Check this out!" When showing off those pretty insides ;)

Both materials sewed up beautifully. The wool didn't fray but did result in slightly bulky seams and is hard to iron to a crisp finish.

Fortunately, the instructions also reminded me when to add a woven label as I tend to forget.

Not that I want to endorse swearing, it's just a cheeky reminder that sewing is awesome. 

Glide Jacket Sewing pattern by Made It Patterns Glide Jacket sewing pattern by Made It patterns


It's the perfect mid-season jacket I didn't get to finish in time for autumn!

I'm already planning a second one in a Tencel Twill, with the gathered cuffs and a hood, a more sporty version. And I'll make that one about 8cm longer.

Surely I can get this done by spring?! 

Glide Jacket Sewing Pattern by Made It Patterns


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