10 Gifts to Sew This Christmas

November 27, 2018
10 Gifts to Sew This Christmas
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It's almost Christmas!

But there is still a bit of time left to sew a few gifts.

I've created a list of my favourite sewing projects for those that appreciate the joy of handmade.

Many of these ideas offer the perfect opportunity to use leftover pieces of fabric.

I hope it offers lots of inspiration!


1. Minimalist Wallet by Noodlehead

I love little wallets and pouches. They are just so handy when you go on a bike ride or walk and just want to take a credit card or some cash for that coffee or icecream treat at the end.

I've just got myself this pattern and love the detail with the leather strip.

The pattern is available here.


2. Bombazine Oven Mitt

bombazine oven mitt free sewing pattern

It's a free pattern created by Kate and Klarissa from the Bombazine blog and such a good one to use up those fabric leftovers we've all been hoarding!


3. Sashiko Purse Kit by Sewing With Kate

Sashiko purse kit by Sewing With Kate

Kate from Sewingwithkate recently launched Sashiko purse kits (available here). It's the perfect kit to have a go at this Japanese style of hand sewing. I got my hands on one and I can tell you that Sashiko is quite addictive, it's just so relaxing!!

Kate is quite the Sashiko expert of course, she added some Sashiko stitching to the Bombazine oven mitt she made. See it here. 


4. The Genoa Tote by Blogless Anna

Genoa Tote by Bloglessanna

This one was on the previous Christmas sewing lists, but why remove a bag this great? 

The stunning Genoa Tote, is fully-lined, features a zipped pouch and a clip for keys and comes in 3 sizes.

I've made several of these bags, for myself and as gifts.

Genoa Tote kits are available from Anna's website here, including the paper pattern. 

If you prefer a PDF pattern, it can be purchased from the Pattern Fantastique website


5. Ida Clutch by Kylie and The Machine

Ida Clutch

A quick search of #idaclutch on Instagram (try it here) instantly shows the popularity of this free sewing pattern, plus offers lots of inspiration too.

This clutch was designed by Kylie from Kylie and The Machine who went on to design the most fun woven labels around.

The pattern can be downloaded here for free, and the instructions are available here


6. Crossbody bag

Noodlehead crossbody bag free sewing pattern

By now you've probably guessed I'm a big Noodlehead fan, and I like sewing bags!

This crossbody bag is a FREE pattern from Noodlehead, that you can download here. 

If you've always wanted to sew your own handbag, this could be a good one to give a go. I've made several bags with Noodlehead's patterns and they are great.


7. Re-usable shopping bag

Now that the supermarkets in Australia finally got their act together and banned single-use plastic bags, this sewing project had to make it to this year's list again.

how to sew a grocery bag from a pillow case

For something super easy, check out this video on how to make a grocery bag from a pillowcase! This would take about 10 minutes to make, and it's a great sewing project for kids too. Make sure to watch until the end as she even shows you how to turn these into a wonderful gift.



8. Linen Cross Back Apron by Purl Soho

Linen cross back apron Purl Soho

Simple, yet stylish. I love this apron design by Purl Soho, a free pattern available here. 


9. Quilted Computer Sleeve by Purl Soho

The list of free sewing patterns on Purl Soho's website is rather long. (slightly envious here!) so I'm going to add a second one on this list here that caught my eye.

I love the look of this clever laptop sleeve. The free pattern and instructions can be found here.



 10. Fun Pillows

We all need pillows and they can be such a wonderful way to decorate a room. I had fun browsing Pinterest and found heaps of ideas.

Here are just a few examples. Most ideas don't come with a pattern or instructions but with basic drawing and sewing skills, most seamstresses can figure out how to make these right? 


I hope you have enjoyed this list!

Happy Sewing!




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