Tencel Twill:

Always pre-wash your fabric before starting your sewing project.

To preserve the natural fibres and the original colour of the fabric:

- Make sure to fully open up the fabric (give it a shake) before putting it in your washing machine.

- Wash the Tencel fabrics separately on a delicate wash cycle at 30deg. C, so as not to subject it to excessive twisting. The spin speed must not exceed 800rpm.

- We recommend using a laundry detergent without bleaching agents, composed of mild ingredients that have a neutral PH. (e.g a laundry detergent formulated for delicate fabrics.)

- The Tencel fabrics should be air dried, taking care to smooth it out after washing.

- Ironing is best done on the wrong side of the fabric at a medium temperature.



How your treat your denim before starting your sewing project depends on the look you are after and how you plan to treat your jeans over time.

If you will be washing your jeans on a regular basis and use a dryer as well, it's important that you go through this process of washing and drying at least twice to get as much shrinkage out of the fabric as possible before you start sewing.

It's not recommended to use the dryer for stretch denim though as this may break down the elastic component in the fabric over time.

When washing:

Make sure to loosely fit the jeans in the washing machine. So give it a good shake before putting it into the machine and wash it on its own as the dye will run during the first few washes.

If you're washing machine is too full, you risk creating white lines and dye runs along creases and folds.

If you'd like to preserve the indigo dye, wash it cold and add a cup of vinegar.

Some prefer the look of Raw Denim, meaning the jeans is not washed. Raw denim will develop natural areas of fading over time through regular wear. Simply soak the fabric first in cold water before you start sewing.