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Teddy Bear Fleece - Light Grey

$39.00 AUD /metre ( $9.75 per 25 cm )
= 0.25 metre
Subtotal = $9.75
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Watch a video of this fabric here.

Extremely soft and fluffy faux fur, like cuddling a teddy bear.

This is the perfect fabric to add a special touch to a winter coat, or can even be used to sew a complete snuggly jacket.

Suitable for: Jackets, Jumpers, Jacket or collar lining etc.

Colour: light grey

Matching Gütermann Thread:38

Fabric Composition: 80% cotton + 20% Polyester


Weight: 430g/m2 (thick)

Drape: Medium

Stretch: minimal,10% crossgrain, 0% lengthwise

Opacity: Opaque

Care: Wash at 30deg. C - do not tumble dry

Shrinkage: ~3%

Always pre-wash your fabric before starting your sewing project.

Pattern suggestions: see available patterns below.

For more pattern inspiration visit our French Terry Pinterest board.

Country of Origin: Turkey