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Ponte - Jeans Blue

$32.00 AUD /metre ( $8.00 per 25 cm )

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Watch a video of this fabric here.

Soft Ponte knit fabric. (Often also called Ponte di Roma or Ponti)

Ponte is a double knit reversible fabric (it looks the same on both sides) that doesn't wrinkle and has great recovery. It's firm feel (yet still soft) makes it great for knit garments where a bit of structure is required.

Suitable for: skirts, dresses, pants, cardigans and even jackets.

Colour: Blue with a hint of grey

Matching Gütermann thread: 593 or 435

Fabric Composition: 68% Viscose - 27% Nylon - 5% Spandex

Width: ~148cm 

Weight: 330g/m2 (medium-weight)

Drape: Medium

Stretch: 40% crossgrain, 30% lengthwise

Opacity: Opaque

Care: Wash at 30deg. C - do not tumble dry

Shrinkage: 8~10%

Always pre-wash your fabric before starting your sewing project.

Country of Origin: Turkey