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Crinkled Linen - Sherbet

$33.00 AUD /metre ( $8.25 per 25 cm )

= 0.25 metre
Subtotal = $8.25
available for orders over $100

This linen has been yarn-dyed and features a crinkly, wave-like texture through the fabric. The weave further adds to the textural appearance, giving it a speckled appearance. Watch this video for a closer look

We love this 'crinkled' texture as it means no ironing is required, just hang the fabric out after washing. This linen will relax and soften while you wear it and crinkle again after washing. 

A high-quality fabric made from European Flax and Oeko-Tex certified. 

We've also got a matching Gingham! (see below if in stock)

Suitable for: skirts, dresses, tops, pants etc.

Colour: Warm yellow with a hint of orange and white weave.

Matching Gütermann Thread:800 & 6

Fabric Composition: 100% Linen

Width: ~138cm 

Weight: 155g/m2 (lightweight)

Stretch: none

Drape: medium drape

Opacity: semi sheer

Care: Hand wash in warm water. Do not tumble dry. 

Shrinkage: minimal.

Always pre-wash your fabric before starting your sewing project.

Country of Origin: China