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Cone Mills - Stretch 9.5oz S-Gene Denim - Indigo

$42.00 AUD /metre ( $10.50 per 25 cm )

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Cone Mills is well known for top-quality denim.

This denim is lightweight with a classic diagonal twill weave.
The S-Gene denim uses a patented process to create a fibre blend made to better hold its shape due to its excellent recovery. (No more baggy jeans!)
These strong fibres are meant to last.

It's the perfect fabric for a snug-fitting pair of jeans.

Check our Supplies section for topstitching thread, jeans machine needles and hardware kits.

Made in the USA.

Suitable for: Stretch Jeans

Colour:Indigo (blue)

Fabric Composition: 92% Cotton - 7% Polyester - 1% Spandex

Width: ~143cm 

Weight: 9.5oz (lightweight)

Stretch: 15% crossgrain

Care: Wash at 30deg. C - warm iron - do not tumble dry.

Shrinkage: 3~5%

Always pre-wash your fabric before starting your sewing project.

Pattern suggestions:see available patterns below.

Country of Origin: USA