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Add a professional finish to your garment with high-quality ribbing. 

The wonderful texture of this chunky ribbing work perfectly for jacket cuffs and collars. 

The colours in our ribbing range have been carefully selected to colour match other fabrics in the store. 

Check out the "Combines with" section at the bottom of this page to see available fabrics that match this ribbing.

Suitable for: cuffs, neckbands and waistbands.

Colour: Deep khaki green 

Matching Gütermann Thread:274

Fabric Composition: 95% Cotton + 5% Elastane, Oeko-Tex certified.

Width: ~64cm flat (32cm tubular)

Weight: 550g/m2

Stretch: 50% 4-way

Opacity: Opaque

Care: Wash at 30deg. C - do not tumble dry

Shrinkage: 2-5%

Always pre-wash your fabric before starting your sewing project.