Boiled Wool - Camel Brown

= 0.25 metre
Subtotal = $10.15

High-quality boiled wool knit.

This fabric is perfect if you'd like to sew clothes that are cosy and durable.  It's a knitted fabric with a slight bouclé effect.  It doesn't fray and it looks almost identical on both sides so it works well for unlined jackets.  

Suitable for: Jackets, Jumpers, Cardigans and Vests.

Colour: Camel brown

Matching Gütermann thread: 815 or 209

Fabric Composition: 100% boiled wool

Width: ~140cm 

Weight: 385/m2 (heavyweight)

Stretch: 30% cross-grain, 15% lengthwise

Care: Handwash or Dryclean

Be aware that if you choose to wash it will shrink a lot (up to 20% lengthwise).

For pattern inspiration visit our Boiled Wool Pinterest page.