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Compagnie M

Compagnie M. makes sewing patterns with a twist. Their patterns have become very popular in a very short space of time. 
It is easy to understand why: the designs are unique through a number of special touches, and lots of options, while the clothes themselves are not too difficult to sew.
This is also helped by the detailed instructions that are provided with each pattern. Every pattern is a sewing lesson in itself.

The instructions are so lengthy that Compagnie M. decided not to print them in order to save trees. So the instructions come in a digital format (PDF) that can be read on an ipad or computer.

When you buy a paper pattern, you also get a digital version of the pattern, so you can always print it again if you need to.

These designs work really well with our fabric range.
Want to see more examples of garments made with these patterns? Check out this pinterest page.

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