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Sewing for boys: a cool top for my oldest son

Charlie top, pattern and fabric by Zonen09, MaaiDesign blog

Charlie top, pattern and fabric by Zonen09, MaaiDesign blog

" Mu-uuum! Did you see that?! That was awesome! Did you see it??"
My response (while fiddling with my camera): "Um, no... but keep going, you are doing great... or maybe go stand against that tree so I can take a picture of you standing still." 

"Mu-uum! Stop taking pictures! Look at how far my paper plane is going!" Son number one has found himself a new hobby: paper planes, and I couldn't be happier. It's crafty, creative, active, basically gets him out of the house doing something that I secretly want to do as well.  

There is a competition in Sydney at the end of this month so today he asked his teacher for permission to practise in the school hall, so the wind wouldn't affect his plane throwing performance! He is taking this very seriously...

So I decided to take photos of him in his brand new "mama-made" T-shirt, while he practised his throws. Posing is not really his thing anyway. 

Charlie top, pattern and fabric by Zonen09, MaaiDesign blog

It was time I made something for him. His younger sister has been spoiled with many dresses.

I bought the pattern - called Charlie - from Zonen09. The designer, Sharon, makes patterns for boys only, and they are fantastic and quite unique. It is hard to find nice patterns for boys. I also used her fabric which she launched only a few months ago. 

This was a perfect combination of course. The print and has white bugs, and a few green ones here and there, stuff that boys will love. 

I stitched the top on a regular sewing machine, which was no issue at all.
The fabric is of really high quality. At 230g/m2 it has a higher fabric weight than most knits, so it was a pleasure to sew with, and super soft.

I could have finished the shirt with ribbing at the sleeves and on the bottom, but I was impatient and made it all out of the same fabric. 
If you would like to see some other executions, have a look here. 

My boy is happy, so mum is happy too!

Now I am going to go fold some paper planes, see if I can beat my little man... ;)

Charlie top, pattern and fabric by Zonen09, MaaiDesign blog

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