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Pattern testing the Nina Culottes by Compagnie M.

Posted by Maaike van Besien on

Nina culottes, sewing pattern by Compagnie M - maaidesign blog

Nina culottes, sewing pattern by Compagnie M - maaidesign blog

My daughter just turned seven. She still loves pink, and she still dreams of becoming a princess one day. You will often catch her dancing and turning around in elegant ballet style moves, her mind somewhere in fantasy land. Needless to say, she loves dresses and skirts, as they allow her to move freely. In fact, she refuses to wear anything else. daughter also has one particular non-princess passion: climbing trees. If she sees a tree she must climb it. If she sees a horizontal bar at a playground, you'll soon find her dangling upside down from it. And handrails are for sliding down right?

Now dresses and trees are not a great combination, neither is hanging upside down in a skirt very..uhm... elegant. So when I learned that Compagnie M had developed a pattern for culottes, I knew this was just the thing we needed!

Nina culottes, sewing pattern by Compagnie M - maaidesign blog

So I volunteered to be a pattern tester and was really excited when I learned I could take part. This was the first piece I have made after moving to the other side of the world, from Belgium to Australia. Being in a new country I had a bit of trouble finding fabric I liked. I ended up visiting several stores and settled on salmon pink jeans, from The Fabric Store in Surry Hills. I figured I needed fabric that would be sturdy enough to withstand my princess' climbing and playground adventures. Blue jeans may have been a better stain proof colour but I would not have been able to sell that one to her.

As is common with the Compagnie M patterns, the design came with many options. I settled for the faux pockets at the front and a double welt pocket at the back. I also made the fly zipper at the front. I also wanted to add piping as I absolutely love the look of it. It is such a nice detail to add. But alas no piping to be found anywhere, except for shiny baby blue and baby pink. I did find the cord, so I ended up making my own piping. So with all these options, I didn't particularly make it easy for myself, but I am very happy with the result.

I made a size 6 with a lowered crotch to size 7, and length 8 as she has a very narrow waist, but is quite tall. I added an adjustable elastic band in the back just to make sure it would fit.

In the end, the culottes turned out to fit her perfectly! And best of all, my daughter loves them! She couldn't wait to try them out. I will be making more for sure! Thank you, Marte, from Compagnie M for another great pattern!

This pattern is now available in our store here.

Nina culottes, sewing pattern by Compagnie M - maaidesign blog

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