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My second Louisa dress, for a special occasion in Belgium

Posted by Maaike van Besien on

Louisa dress in Soft Cactus fabric - Maaidesign blog

Louisa dress in Soft Cactus fabric - Maaidesign blog

Once upon a time a good friend from back in my student days was going to get married!I love weddings and since a lot of my uni friends were also invited, I didn't want to miss it for the world!  The wedding was in Belgium -the country where I grew up- so I had to travel to the other side of the planet for it! BUT I got to catch up with friends and family AND got to meet with some of the designers that create the beautiful fabrics and patterns in our store. So sitting on a plane for 22 hours twice was well worth it!

I wanted to sew an outfit for the wedding of course. But I was very indecisive as to what I was going to sew. I must admit that sewing for myself still makes me quite nervous. I kept changing my mind,  and the day I had to fly off to Belgium drew closer without me having made anything.

I ran out of time to try out a new pattern. So in the end, I kept it simple. I made another Louisa dress. It was a safe and fast option. I already had the pattern cut, and I knew it fits me well from the previous dress I had made.

I just managed to find the time to cut the fabric and the necessary gold piping and add it to my suitcase. I then stitched it all together in Belgium on my mum’s machine. It was nice to see she had her overlocker and sewing machine serviced ahead of my arrival! If only I had been clever enough to pack my piping foot, and invisible zipper foot as that would have made my life a bit easier. 

I ended up inserting the invisible zipper with a regular foot, which worked fine but the result is not 100% invisible. 

Louisa dress in Soft Cactus fabric

I chose to make a sleeveless version of the dress, made it shorter, and added gold piping around the armhole and the side of the dress. All in an attempt to get something a bit more festive.I fully line the dress which gave it this extra luxurious feel and more professional finish. 

Luckily I found a matching cardigan during a short shopping trip in my hometown. It came in handy as due to some freak weather event it was only 12 degrees on the wedding day, whilst it was 24 the day before! 

Louisa dress in Soft Cactus fabric - MaaiDesign blog

I made a matching clutch, in matching fabric, because us seamstresses can do that! ;)

Louisa dress and matching clutch in Soft Cactus fabric

Overall I ended up with a simple dress with some special details. Often it is best to keep things simple. I must admit though that I probably should have used a bolder print as maybe it ended up a bit too simple?

And the wedding? It was fantastic, we danced till 4am, hadn't done that in a long time! 

ps: A special thank you to my sister for taking the photos! :)

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  • I am currently searching for your PJ blog post and paused here. I love this dress! Not sure I noticed it before. I might need to do a copycat when I find 5 minutes!!! xx

    Nicola on
  • You look fabulous Maaike! This combination of fabric and gold piping is such a winner.

    Lightning McStitch on
  • I have been waiting to see this dress :) I didn’t realise you added piping along the side seam from previous teasers you have posted. I like that :) I hope you will wear this dress a lot as it looks great. Love the matching clutch too.

    Jenya on

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