5 Wrap Dress Sewing Patterns for Knit Fabrics

Five wrap dress sewing patterns for knit fabrics

The classic wrap dress! I bet that fits almost any body type. 

And depending on the fabric you choose, it can be great for all seasons. 

So I had to have one. Last week I organised a ladies night out and with a serious lack of winter dresses in my wardrobe, I had my deadline to get me sewing.

This dress was very easy to sew. As a lot of bloggers will concede, the hardest part of this exercise was actually getting a good photo taken.

(My indoor self-portrait skills need a bit of practice.)

Elise jurk, pattern by La Maison Victor

It's a pattern from the La Maison Victor magazine. I used a Tencel Jersey from Froy & Dind and I love it. The design is pretty simple, but I like how they added the shoulder pieces. 

Elisa wrap dress, pattern by La Maison Victor

It's just so comfortable! I did make a change after I finished it: I put new longer straps on so that I can wrap them around the waist, instead of just having a bowtie on the side. 

This just works better for a pear like me.

Unfortunately, this pattern was from the European version of the magazine and to date it has not yet appeared in the English version.

So since it's not readily available I had a look around for other wrap dress patterns that are designed for knit fabrics.

So here are 5 for you, including fabric suggestions.


 1. The Rachel Wrap Dress from Maria Denmark

Rachel wrap dress

This is probably the most similar pattern to the one I sewed, except for the shoulder pieces. I love how it has the wide strip along the neckline which gives it a more modern look.

Suggested fabrics: Tencel Jersey

Swimmers tencel jersey fabricTencel jersey fabric


2. The Olivia Jersey Wrap dress by Named Patterns

Olivia wrap dress named patterns

MaaiDesign now stocks patterns from Named, but when I ordered them I forgot to include the Olivia wrap dress. What was I thinking? 

Named Patterns put stylish twists to classic designs. This wrap dress has a tulip shaped skirt, ends below the knee and comes with pockets!!

Suggested fabrics: Recycled PES

Hirondelle Recycled PES fabric


3. Kate Dress by Style Arc

Kate dress by style arc

This is a more classic wrap dress. It has some tucks around the front and long ties. 

Suggested fabrics: Solid Cotton Jersey

Solid cotton jersey

4. Claire Wrap Dress by Sewing Pattern Review

This wrap dress comes with a trendy collar and includes several options so you can create it to fit your body type perfectly.

Claire Wrap Dress by Pattern Review

Suggested fabrics: Cotton Jersey

Cotton jerseyCotton jerseyCotton jersey


5. Kielo Wrap Dress by Named Patterns

This dress seemed to have taken the internet by storm recently. I keep seeing it pop up on Instagram all the time! It's definitely different from the other wrap dresses listed here but it's such a beautiful design I had to include it! And I did order this one in, so the paper pattern is available in the store.

This is a sleeveless dress but you can download a sleeve add-on for free. See all the details here.

Happy Sewing!

Which one is your favourite?

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August 07, 2018

Thanks Jenya! you would definitely look great in a wrap dress! :)



August 07, 2018

I love your wrap dress Maaike. I have been avoiding sewing them as I didn’t think they would look on ladies with small busts, but you just proved me wrong! I so want to make Kielo!

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