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Dressmaking success: The figure flattering Louisa Dress

Posted by Maaike van Besien on

Louisa dress, pattern by Compagnie M, MaaiDesign blog
So I made this dress last Saturday. My hubby was kind enough to take our 3 monsters walking in leech-infested mud in the Blue mountains -while dodging another massive summer hail storm - so that I could have some selfish sewing time! Isn't he the best!! (And didn't I feel slightly guilty although they had a ball!)
Sewing this dress was like a race against time, I wanted to finish it before the troops got back. 
In the end, I managed to slip into my finished masterpiece about 2 minutes before they walked through the door! Phew!
Me: "Tadaaaah! Check out my new dress!"
Hubby: "Did you go shopping???" looking slightly horrified at the thought.
Eldest son: "Did you buy that or did you make that? Hmmm... I think you bought that, it looks like it comes from the shops!"
Me: "Well I'll consider that a compliment!"
Hubby: "It fits you too well to come from the shops..." still weighing his words.
Me: "Mission accomplished then!" feeling very satisfied.

Louisa dress, pattern by Compagnie M, MaaiDesign blog
My new frock is the Louisa dress by Compagnie M, a sewing pattern that launched last December. 
I must admit, when Marte (from Compagnie M) first announced she was working on an adult version of the very popular Louisa dress, I was very sceptical. The child version of the dress was a huge success and I made one for my daughter last year. I love it... but could this work for grown-ups? I wasn't so sure.  
But then when she released the first photos of her finished Louisa dress, in different executions with different options (of course!),  I changed my mind. I was wrong, she had done it again! The result was a feminine dress, that didn't look too complicated to sew, but with details to add to get to a unique result. Marte really has a knack for this stuff!
That special pocket that makes the Louisa dress so unique was now called a "kangaroo pocket", well how could I not make one asap!!
The new collection from Soft Cactus arrived last week and so this was the perfect selfish sewing project. 
First step: figuring out which size to sew. I always need to make adjustments to accommodate my small chest and not so small hips. 
I had to make 3 adjustments:
- I decided on a size 36 for the top and graded from a 36 at the waistline  to a 38 at the hips. This was really easy to do as the waistlines and hips lines were clearly marked on the pattern. 
- I lowered the bust point by 3cm, I thank my super long upper body for that one.
- I added 2cm height at the waistline and 3cm at the hips as was recommended for tall people. 
(I am 1.78cm)

Louisa dress, pattern by Compagnie M, MaaiDesign blog
I added silver piping to the pocket for a bit of glamour. I even fully lined the dress for extra luxury.
The result: a dress that sits perfectly. For a snug fitting dress, I was really impressed that it is still flattering for a pear like me. I'm a big fan of princess seams now. 

Louisa dress, pattern by Compagnie M, MaaiDesign blogLouisa dress, pattern by Compagnie M, MaaiDesign blog
Thinking back to the sewing process, I think I hardly used my brand new fancy seam ripper, so that must mean the instructions were either really good, or I might actually be getting better at this sewing thing. I am guessing it was a combination of both.
Marte, congratulations again on another great pattern! Can't wait to see what you come up with next! 

Louisa dress, pattern by Compagnie M, MaaiDesign blog

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